In the old shared drives...there could be 12 or 15 different versions of the same thing. I think that’s something that Bynder’s really helped us with - we don’t have to worry “is this the latest version?” Because it always will be

Founded in 1896, Knight Frank is a UK-based, globally-operating estate agency. Knowing that taking a personal approach is crucial to connect customers with the perfect property, they pride themselves on building long-term relationships with the people they help to house. Knight Frank strive to provide personalized and considered advice on all areas of property in all key markets. With their global presence, they are exactly where their clients need them to be. 

It goes without saying that such a long history means Knight Frank has a considerable legacy of assets they need to manage. And with more than 500 offices across 60 territories, their collection of assets never stops growing. 

We’re 125 years old. We have so many assets we can’t find anymore just because of lack of storage.

Self-managing a century’s worth of assets wasn't the only problem Knight Frank were facing. Their content user base of internal and external stakeholders is 468 strong. With this many people needing to create, locate, modify, and store assets, the creative and marketing teams were overwhelmed by constant email requests for content. This resulted in frustrating and time-consuming workflows with plenty of bottlenecks along the way.

With Bynder's help, Knight Frank and their partners have direct access to the latest and greatest version of each asset. Creative teams gained a way to simplify workflows, while marketers can quickly calculate spend, speed up time to content, and make the right business decisions.

Breaker Knight Frank Breaker Knight Frank Breaker Knight Frank Breaker Knight Frank Customer spotlight: Century-old property experts clean up workflows and calculate marketing spend with Bynder

What were Knight Frank looking to solve with Bynder?

“We had a default internal ticketing system that IT created for us which was very unwieldy and unreliable. It was very easy to lose files and always resulted in too many rounds of amends.

Without an efficient, easily searchable asset database and request system, teams were dealing with time-consuming daily email threads requesting content. After getting hold of an asset, the only way for the hundreds of stakeholders across the globe to know if those files were the most recent or approved for specific use cases was to send more emails.

Loss of newly created assets was a risk at any stage of the process due to variations and revisions of files across the organization. The result was a frustrating experience for those involved, and the confusion it created hindered the marketing team's ability to track the time, cost, and complexity of projects.

Teams at Knight Frank were burdened with an increasing number of challenges, including:

  • An unmanageable number of email requests for new content development;
  • Internal teams using incorrect assets;
  • Asset loss;
  • Stakeholders not knowing if brand assets were approved for internal and external use;
  • Poor insights into the time and budget spend on projects;
  • Amendments to documents done via email.

Knight Frank needed a centralized system to save time and phase out endless request emails. Ultimately, they were looking for a way to streamline workflows and empower content creators and marketers to make decisions and move faster.

Talking practically: How did Bynder help?

It stops the trails of emails and so many requests and saves our marketing team so much time!

Bynder's DAM provided Knight Frank with a central location where all global teams can store, find, and retrieve the right assets. It eliminated the risk of using outdated files and freed creatives from having to constantly contend with repetitive requests for content.

Portal Knight Frank Portal Knight Frank Portal Knight Frank Portal Knight Frank Customer spotlight: Century-old property experts clean up workflows and calculate marketing spend with Bynder

Reducing email requests and having all assets directly accessible at any time by the right people was enough to solve many of Knight Frank's problems. But the real game-changer for Knight Frank was the ability to simplify project workflows. Bynder's Creative Workflow module allows both internal and external stakeholders to make requests, review, and approve content online. Stakeholders can make annotations, compare versions, and send approved assets straight to the asset library for others to use.

It’s been the workflow - I think it’s completely transformed everything. We have different types of briefs for different teams, so if we want some digital marketing or digital development, we create another brief that goes straight to that team. We can now track the whole team and see how busy we are.

By creating specific briefs for each team, Knight Frank can now track workflows and progress more accurately, giving them clear insights into individual workloads and project progress.

Bynder gives Knight Frank the data they need to track budget spend

By streamlining processes and allowing internal and external stakeholders to independently find, use, and store the right assets, Bynder helps Knight Frank solve the problems that had been afflicting them. But Bynder's Creative Workflow also gave Knight Frank the extra advantage they needed to create new winning marketing strategies.

We can now track work volumes across Marketing and Studio allowing us to plan resources more efficiently. This function is a vast improvement … After we have 12 months of data we can make some really strong business decisions.

Bynder's Creative Workflow allows managers to see how many requests are in the queue and which teams may need additional resources to meet the demand for content. Tracking workflows and progress accurately gives the marketing teams deeper insights into the time and budget spend per project for stronger business decisions and seamless reporting to the C-level.

Check out the full Knight Frank x Bynder story here

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