REPORT The State of Branding Report: 2021 Edition

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Foleon produces immersive, media-rich sales and marketing collateral that readers can interact with on any device.

Creating strong and dynamic visual content requires the right brand assets, video files, imagery and more, but staying consistent and on-brand is always a challenge. Bynder helps all content creators move quickly and produce brand-approved content that really wows.

The Bynder integration helps Foleon users stay organized and save time by enabling access to on-brand assets in the Bynder library, directly from the Foleon media library. With Bynder, there's no need to upload content from your desktop - the whole team has instant access to all the creative assets they need for digital publications, within Foleon.

Shed your dependence on designers and quickly produce visually immersive content that looks great on any device.

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