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Shrink your carbon footprint by printing locally with Gelato. Their global printer network means no more sending materials around the world. Order to 100+ countries for fast shipping and fuss-free customs. Support sustainability while ensuring your brand is also supported. By moving to local, on-demand print production, cut 90% of your print-related transportation, reduce 50% of your print volume, and save 50% from the total cost of printing.

Together, Gelato and Bynder help global companies manage their brand in a more efficient, sustainable way. Through the integration, customers have full control over their print-ready files within Bynder, maintaining it as the ‘single source of truth’, with the added convenience of local, on-demand printing.

An asset within Bynder can be tagged for synchronization with Gelato, maintaining that connection permanently, including auto-syncing when new versions to the asset are updated in Bynder. That way, marketing teams have peace of mind that Gelato users are only accessing approved, updated files.

Set up your integration in minutes, and start printing locally today!

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