NEWS Bynder acquires content operations platform GatherContent

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Developed by The 543 Group

In today’s world of always-on online consumption and commerce, consumers are demanding what they want, when they want it. Salsify’s experience management platform (PXM) combines the power of PIM, the industry’s broadest commerce ecosystem, and actionable insights to orchestrate compelling product experiences through every digital touchpoint.

Having full control over your product information is crucial for creating those experiences. To truly let your products shine, you need digital assets, like images, to create visual experiences. Assets are often scattered, so managing them in one place, together with the rest of your product information, ensures you have your digital assets accessible for any channel at any given time.

Streamline your product enrichment process by uploading your images to Bynder and have them automatically matched to the right products in Salsify. The rich and powerful metadata present in Salsify is then sent back to Bynder, allowing you to search and find assets based on existing information within your storefront.

The result? Faster time to market and better customer experiences for all.

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  • Product Information Management (PIM)