NEWS Bynder acquires EMRAYS a leading specialist in AI search solutions for DAM

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Stackla is the world’s smartest visual content engine, helping brands discover, manage, publish and optimize authentic user-generated content (UGC) across all marketing channels—from ads and websites, to email and social—helping to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Stackla’s AI-powered visual content platform sits at the core of a brand’s marketing tech stack, helping them build rich content libraries, then distributing those compelling visuals to drive engagement and conversions across all customer touchpoints.

Having Bynder as the central library for user-generated content ensures everything used is on-brand and pre-approved, preventing the release and sourcing of content that isn’t approved for use.

This integration allows users to send user-generated content captured via the Stackla platform directly into Bynder. By connecting their Stackla and Bynder accounts, users will be able to configure how and when assets are pushed from Stackla to Bynder. Assets will also include additional metadata, including rights approval status from the original content creator.


  • New, authentic source of content to help grow your visual asset library
  • Streamlined productivity and collaboration
  • Increased diversification of content types to help deliver more personalized experiences
  • Control access and usage of user-generated content
  • Easily search for content from Stackla in your asset library for reuse
  • Manage all assets from one central place


  • Quick and easy access to rights-approved user-generated visuals from Stackla
  • Automatic transfer of UGC metadata from Stackla to Bynder
  • Search for assets from Stackla by relevant metaproperties in Bynder
  • All defined derivatives in Bynder are created upon upload
  • Can be configured to require approval once sent over to Bynder
  • Able to configure custom metaproperty fields to be sent with assets for easy searching and access control