NEWS Bynder acquires EMRAYS a leading specialist in AI search solutions for DAM

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Developed by Stensul

Stensul enables creation teams to streamline their email production and focus on performance. It significantly reduces email creation time, all while not increasing resources or sacrificing quality.


  • Easily access digital assets stored in Bynder and transfer them within Stensul
  • Have efficient approval workflows, allowing you to collaborate on digital asset approvals within Bynder and Stensul
  • Enhance productivity due to creating and managing email campaigns, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of using outdated or incorrect digital assets


  • Drag-and-dropping your digital assets from Bynder into your Stensul email, streamlining your email creation
  • By using approved digital assets that comply with brand guidelines and governance policies set in Bynder, you will always have consistent branding and governance


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