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Developed by IPSEITE

Brief, collect, check and validate content quality requirements within your business guidelines.


  • Quality control: Ensures the quality of assets and metadata before they are ingested, avoiding costly mistakes
  • Efficient metadata entry: Metadata starts with asset requests and follows all the way to Bynder
  • Tracking & reporting: View reports on the progress of the asset requests & submissions
  • Seamless integration: One-click ingest from Veriflies into Bynder
  • Cloud-based: Nothing to install or maintain


  • Create content brief and monitor progress of responses
  • Automatically ensure that submitted files meet technical and metadata specifications, and rejects those that don’t
  • Manage final approvals
  • One-click ingest files and metadata directly into your DAM
  • View reports on responsiveness and accuracy for each submitted asset


  • Content Management (CMS)