REPORT Forrester's Now Tech Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience, Q2 2021

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Vimeo is a popular video-sharing site that allows users to upload, share, promote, and view videos online. Established in 2004, Vimeo was created by a group of filmmakers who wanted a simple and beautiful way to share videos with their friends. With over 150 million members across more than 150 countries, Vimeo helps marketers grow their business by making it easy to create and market high-quality, impactful videos.

With our Vimeo connection, keep Bynder as your central source of truth for marketing and campaign videos, while quickly and easily publishing them to Vimeo—directly from Bynder.

Do you have videos in your brand portal and would like to use them on Vimeo? Now you can save time by publishing them directly from Bynder.

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