Bynder announces free version of its Digital Asset Management (DAM) software

26 Juli, 2017

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Bynder announces free version of its Digital Asset Management (DAM) software

Source: Martechtoday

Called Orbit, it offers AI-powered auto-tagging for search and users have up to 100 GB of storage before hitting premium levels.

This week, digital asset management (DAM) provider Bynder is announcing a free DAM product called Orbit.

Essentially, Orbit is a limited-function version of Bynder for small- and medium-sized businesses. The main Bynder software is directed toward enterprises.

Available in the fall, Orbit lets businesses create, store, search and share images, videos and other creative files in the cloud, with access shared by team members. There are no limits on the number of users.

CEO Chris Hall describes Bynder Orbit as “the first free and widely available DAM [built] for enterprise grade performance and security.”

The DAM tool, which can be branded with a business’ look and feel, offers automatic file conversion; automatic extraction of metadata, keywords and other relevant info during upload; and AI-powered auto-tagging for search. Free accounts have up to 100 GB of storage, after which there are premium levels of usage.

Why give away a free version?

Hall told me via email that “seventy-five percent of marketers at small and medium sized businesses aren’t familiar with the term Digital Asset Management, and they’re also unaware there is a solution to their problem.”

“A free, professional product can finally educate marketers on a much wider scale and solve a real problem,” he said, after which businesses can increase their storage or graduate to the full Bynder.