Score your website’s branding with the OnBrand Grader

10 October 2016

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Score your website’s branding with the OnBrand Grader

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, 10th October 2016:
OnBrand Grader is a free marketing tool, powered by Bynder, that grades a brand’s website against four criteria: consistency, message, visibility and accessibility. It can analyse any brand’s website using its domain name, generating a report and an overall score out of 100. The tool, which launches at the OnBrand ’16 conference on Thursday, is designed to help marketers understand and improve their visual website branding.

From header contrast to color temperatures, text consistency to social visibility, the OnBrand Grader provides an analysis of a website’s visual elements. Each section gives you actionable insights on how to improve your website’s branding and your OnBrand Grader score.

Grading the Best Global Brands
Using its new tool, OnBrand Magazine has analyzed the websites of the top 50 brands according to Interbrand’s 2016 Best Global Brands Report. According to the results, automotive brands have the strongest website branding with BMW, Volkswagen and Toyota all scoring 80, 74 and 70 respectively. Another high performing industry was fashion, with brands such as Zara and Louis Vuitton leading the pack. AXA, GE and Accenture also made the top 5, scoring high in consistency but low in visibility.

Chris Hall, CEO of Bynder, comments: “While a brand cannot be judged on its website branding alone, the OnBrand Grader finally makes it possible to measure the visual effectiveness of a branded website. In other words, we can finally put a number on a brand by grading a website using design principles. Thanks to helpful tips and how-to articles, marketers can address specific weak points and actively improve their visual branding.”

You can start grading your website at

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