Bynder's roadmap

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Bynder’s roadmap

A sneak peek in bynder’s kitchen

As innovation is at the heart of everything we do here at Bynder, we are constantly working on making Bynder more user-friendly and technologically innovative. Here’s a sneak peek of the features that we are currently working on and will be released and implemented in the upcoming months.

Coming soon (3)

User Management 2.0        

We are implementing an improved design of the user management screen. The new screen wi...

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Using GIFs in Workflow     

We are adding support for animated gifs so that you can see them on the asset detail pa...

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Preview for GIFs           

We are planning to introduce preview of GIF files in the asset detail in the asset libr...

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Planned (7)

Email reply feature within workflow

Our creative project management module has been designed to centralize communication on...

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Change history for workflow

We are working on adding jobs and presets to change history so that you can track all c...

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Improvements to asset lifecycle

We are planning to add a more robust support of the asset lifecycle: from approval to a...

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Improvements to duplicate finder

We will make it possible to to compare duplicates and originals, and to batch-edit dupl...

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Configurable AI tags threshold

We are working to make it possible to tweak the auto-tagging results, so that they fit...

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Further Notification Center improvements

We are constantly improving the notification center. We are planning...

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Marking calendar in workflow

With the new calendar you will be able to offer a unified view to all users, or customi...

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Recently launched (4)

Improvements to Cloudfront CDN (AWS)

Soon you’ll be able to be able to retrieve a new asset or an older version of a file fr...

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Specify approver for Content Access

As a content access user, you will be able to specify a permission profile or user grou...

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Bynder & Slack         

We are working to make it possible for Bynder users to use their assets in Slack. You w...

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Upload own PDF presets to POD

As a template admin, you would be able to upload your own PDF presets, so that I can se...

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