A recent study found that the average attention span is down to just eight seconds. It’s surprising we can manage to tie our shoes in that amount of time. Apparently even goldfish have greater power of concentration – they can stay focused for nine seconds

It’s easy to see why human attention spans are shrinking. More than six billion people now have access to mobile devices (that’s more than have access to toilets.) Those devices deliver a constant barrage of messages, information, invitations, buzzes and beeps that demand attention in small doses. Add apps to the equation and there’s no shortage of distracting options to occupy our time. The App Store currently has around 1.6 million of them, doing everything from talking like a pirate to toilet paper races.

Yet consumers today are more engaged with brands than ever before. They “follow” and “like” brands. They review restaurants, hotels, doggy daycare and pretty much any other business they visit. They participate in online surveys. And they contribute new product ideas in online communities. But for your brand story to connect, it has to be at least as interesting as the millions of options that are vying for your audience’s attention.

For marketers, declining attention spans can create a huge opportunity for brand building – if you can find a way to accelerate your brand velocity.

Brand velocity is your ability to connect with consumers and share something they’re genuinely interested in, right now and continuously. It’s brand at the speed of life. It’s keeping your brand top-of-mind even when the mind is in a constant state of flux.

Yet today most marketers and brand managers see brand velocity as a problem rather than an opportunity because it introduces a whole new dimension of complexity into a job that was difficult enough already.

Many companies still like to produce 30-second TV commercials. They like to run full-page print ads. They’re used to cranking out brochures that have a shelf life of a year. But suddenly marketers need to:

  • Create messages for fragmented audiences.
  • Respond and adapt to topics that are trending today and gone tomorrow.
  • Stay on brand across a huge spectrum of channels and touchpoints.

Mastering brand velocity means taming a Big-Bang-style explosion of market segmentation, microtargeting and content-delivery requirements.

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