In today’s competitive climate, brands have to be bigger and better. To keep your brand on the map and keep up with the ever-growing demand for content, the creation, management and distribution of assets need to be more streamlined than ever. Branding automation software can help you manage the entire digital asset lifecycle, maintain consistent branding and drive your brand into the future.

What Is Branding Automation?

Branding automation (BA) is a category of cloud-based software intended for use by brand management specialists. BA automates and streamlines day-to-day operations by making each stage in the content lifecycle - creation, cultivation and consumption - more efficient, standardized, and scalable.

Branding automation is a ‘one-stop-shop’ where brand managers can control all stages of the content lifecycle, from the creation of branded content, to its cultivation and finally consumption across multiple channels such as email, website, social media, etc. By bringing all of the tools together, branding automation software reduces manual workloads, time to market pressures and helps to maintain brand consistency. Branding automation software can therefore help with the development and maintenance of a sustainable worldwide brand.

What Problems Does Branding Automation Solve?

Inconsistent Branding
It is increasingly difficult for brand managers to enforce brand consistency across all channels. As a result, brand materials are often created without appropriating branding and stylistic guidelines.

Expensive Brand Costs
Creating new brand assets on a regular basis to keep up with the growing demand for content is becoming more and more expensive.

Long time-to-market
Without a central branding automation platform, it is incredibly time-consuming to collaborate and communicate with internal and external parties in the content creation process.

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