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Chapter 6 Excerpt from “DAM for Dummies”

Understand your content performance

ROI calculators are a helpful tool for establishing ballpark metrics to illustrate return on investment - but having a framework to measure the right metrics that leadership is interested in takes it a step further.

In this excerpt from the DAM for Dummies book, we walk you through how to demonstrate DAM and content value by establishing the right KPIs (key performance indicators), best practices for developing data reports, and finally, embracing the concept that analytics aren’t just a nice to have - they are critical to understanding content performance, but also the overall performance and adoption of your digital asset management platform.

Open the chapter to learn:

  • The different types of KPIs you should look at
  • The benefits of ROI calculators vs. the benefits of an ROI framework
  • How to illustrate a story with reports that is bite-sized and easy to understand

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