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Digital Asset Management

Simplifying the way you work with your media

Bynder’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) module is the perfect tool to centralize, organize and share all your digital media files. Bynder’s DAM is easy-to-use, yet rich in functionality, enabling you to save time and cut out the hassle when working with media and collaborating with colleagues. Because working with digital files has become the standard for marketing operations, we have made usability Bynder’s most stand-out feature.

Digital Asset Management

Upload and organize

Uploading content to Bynder is super simple and lightning-fast. Organize all your images, brochures, promotional videos, and other collateral and make them available for users anytime, anywhere.

Instant search results

Get a clear overview of assets in your portal and find files quickly using filters to narrow down your search. By combining different search criteria, you can find what you’re looking for in an instant.

Google-style search

Bynder’s powerful search function allows you to find files by searching through asset metadata, tags, collections and even within a PDF file to ensure you’re able to find the files you’re looking for, no matter where it sits in the DAM.

File preview

Bynder supports previews for most file types, so you can read through PDFs, watch videos, or look at high-res Adobe files without having to download them onto your computer.

Version control

Upload and display the latest version so that your audience always has the most recent file, but stay in control of the different versions that have been uploaded in the Asset Detail Overview.

Asset detail overview

Relevant metadata is presented next to the preview alongside product information, related files, content statistics, and versions. Bynder automatically creates previews of most media files, including video, audio, artworks, Microsoft Word documents, and PDF.

Share and distribute

Share your media files without wasting precious time on working with ZIP files, chaotic email transfers, and unsecured file transfer tools.


Collections are a useful way to group your media files for simple sharing, regardless of the file type, size, or category. Collections allow you to quickly access, edit and share a specific group of files at any time.

Directly embed media

Embedding media directly saves you a great deal of time when it comes to publishing content. Bynder will automatically provide you with a file embed code that you can simply copy and paste into your CMS. 

User groups and permission profiles

Getting the right content to the right person at the right time is crucial these days. By setting up user groups, you’re able to make content available only to people with the correct access rights. Additionally, permission profiles ensure that only certain users can take specific actions, while others cannot.

Security and access control

Sharing files the traditional way (via email, hard copies, etc.) all too often lead to information leaks. With Bynder, users can revoke access or set expiration dates on collections even after they have been sent out.


For that extra security of your files and to prevent unauthorized distribution, Bynder allows you to add watermarks to content.

Share securely with Bynder Express

Bynder Express is a simple yet secure sharing method that circumvents any data losses during person-to-person file-sharing practices. It imposes no file size limits and is a user-friendly feature that works with, not around, your security measures.

Digital Asset Management feature list:

Category Description
Upload & Store
  • Bulk upload via drag and drop
  • Mass upload via CSV
  • Automatic metadata extraction
  • View and approve uploads
  • Automated tags via Amazon Rekognition
  • Supports all file formats
  • Receive files from external stakeholders
Share & Distribute
  • Share media privately and publicly
  • Security and access controls
  • Link media directly to your company’s website
  • Add watermarks
  • Share a saved set of filters
  • Create public files and/or databases
  • Secure sharing of sensitive data
  • Limit and revoke access to shared media over time
Manage & Organize
  • A custom-created taxonomy
  • Grouping of files into shareable collections
  • Bulk editing of media
  • Intelligent version control
  • Digital rights management (copyrights, embargo, archive)
  • Adding related files
  • Online image cropping (also available on-the-fly)
  • Duplicate finder
  • Media archiving
User & Profile Management
  • Define roles and permissions for each user
  • Restrict access to folders, collections, and media
  • Import user profiles
  • Map user profiles via your company’s active directory
  • Robust statistics and reporting
Creative Workflow

Streamline your content creation from the first draft to final approval

With Bynder’s Creative Workflow, you can easily collaborate and communicate with both internal departments and external agencies, so you can speed up content creation from start to finish while making sure reviews and approvals are clear and straightforward for everyone.


Workflow management

Group your projects into campaigns for that extra control, so only the colleagues and/or third parties that are actually involved have access, helping to make sure everyone knows who’s responsible for what.

Personal dashboard

Your dashboard will provide you with a clear overview of all ongoing projects. Here you can determine which tasks are pending and what you need to do.

Customized approval flows

Each of your workflow jobs is a perfect reproduction of your team’s creative process. To save time, predefine your creative and collaborative processes with the help of approval flow templates or ‘presets’. This will enable users to start new approval flows with just one click.

Tasks and notifications

With the help of “tasks”, you can assign and monitor task progress to help your projects progress more smoothly. Automated email notifications will also keep your co-workers informed about the project status.

Online proofing

Review designs and documents online and collaborate by leaving annotations directly on the file. You can send feedback or push content along different stages until it’s finally approved, and ready to be uploaded to the portal.

Version management

Reviewing and reworking is an integral aspect of artwork creation. In order to ensure that you and your team are not confused by multiple drafts floating around, Bynder offers a clear overview of versions handled, and if a new version is uploaded, you can easily compare them side by side.

Track production hours

With the “Book Time” function, you can easily monitor the amount of time spent per project per person ensuring that contractors are paid correctly for the time they spend working on a project.

Communication and collaboration

All communication between all your project’s stakeholders can be fully centralized and organized in Bynder, so everyone’s on the same page.

Creative Workflow feature list:

Category Description
Creative approval flow management
  • Organization of projects into “Campaigns”
  • Management of sub-projects using tasks and deadliness
  • Supports all file formats
  • An intuitive dashboard that shows tasks, current progress, and deadlines
Custom workflows
  • An exact map of your workflow process
  • Individualized project phases
  • Orders and briefings: web forms and custom input fields
  • Media creation: design submission
  • Review and approval: place comments directly on images, documents, and video; provide feedback; reject or accept drafts
Online proofing
  • Add comments directly on to digital assets
  • Zoom into and enlarge media
  • Approve individual media files and project phases
  • Intelligent version control
  • Directly compare file versions
Communication & collaboration
  • Centralization of all communication with agencies and partner departments
  • No external file-sharing or email communication required
  • Commenting and private messages
  • Automated notifications
User and role management
  • Determine the responsible individuals/ groups for each workflow and project phase
  • Define media releases and control users
  • Make sure clients and agencies only have access to relevant projects
  • Restrict rights for external users

Scale and automate your video content

Meet the growing demand for video with an integrated solution in the Bynder platform to create, adapt, manage, distribute, and analyze your video assets.

Studio visual 1

Key features

Studio allows anyone to efficiently create sets of related videos to meet the needs of each market, channel, audience, format, and testing strategy—without needing design or video editing skills.

  • Scale your video content creation efforts
  • Make last-minute changes to videos
  • Easily resize video to all social formats
  • Create videos that are always on-brand
Studio header image

Studio feature list:

Category Description
Create new videos
  • The easy-to-use timeline editor allows marketers to create videos from scratch. Simply drag and drop video, image or text elements, change the order, and/or tweak element durations
  • Store and manage successful video designs as templates to speed up the creation process while sticking to your design principles
Import projects
  • Transfer your timeline from your favorite offline editing application (Premiere, FCP Avid) via the XML importer
Generate ondemand
  • Create professional videos from a template without design or
  • editing skills
Batch creation
  • Scale the video creation process using templates, batch creation
  • tools, and data-driven creation via external data feeds
Brand presets
  • Maintain brand consistency using brand presets that match your
  • brand guidelines to quickly apply (motion) brand elements to your video project
Professional animation gallery
  • A comprehensive set of predefined animation and transition presets remove the time-consuming detail work, yet provide enough flexibility to bring your brand alive
Format control & revisions
  • Adapt master videos into other formats, with the ability to make
  • last-minute changes or revisions to a series of videos
  • Push videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, or VAST for online video
Print Brand Templates

Create branded content in minutes, not hours

With Bynder’s Print Brand Templates, anyone in your team can be a designer and create content that aligns with your brand guidelines, so you can ditch the complicated and expensive design tools and save time and money.

Print Brand Templates

Editable templates

Your InDesign files can be converted into editable templates that your colleagues can adapt without needing the skills of designers or agencies. You can also completely pre-define the behavior of your template, making it possible for your colleagues to adjust certain elements (such as the logo, background, theme/style), but not others.

Easy-to-use inline editor

With Bynder’s WYSIWYG in-line editor, you can make changes directly in the file, and images can be chosen from a predefined selection or retrieved from your portal. A built-in DPI check will also make sure that documents produced are always print-quality. Thanks to instant feedback and no loading times, you can see your changes and corrections in real-time.

Create documents in multiple languages

Translating documents inevitably lengthens your time-to-market. With Bynder’s brand templates, you can produce translated documents much faster, and without the effort. Simply choose the language you need from the dropdown menu, and the language-specific fixed elements for your template will adjust accordingly.

Automated conversions and print fulfillment

The documents you create are generated instantly via our InDesign server as either a web-version or print-ready PDF, and country-specific cropping marks will be attached automatically.

Approval management flows

Reviewing at every stage of the content lifecycle is an inevitable necessity, and most errors come about through miscommunication and a lack of collaboration. That’s why we’ve made it easy: once a content piece has been created, it’ll automatically be sent to the next responsible person who will review and approve the files and, if need be, send them back to be reworked. Clear and efficient.

Print Brand Templates feature list:

Category Description
  • Templates based on InDesign documents
  • Ability to predefine template business rules (text blocks and image behavior)
  • A relationship between text blocks and images
  • Pre-determined text length and line number
  • Replacing images with just one click
  • Flexible text-fields that shrink/grow
  • Editable fields (both text and images) that can be altered without template changes
  • Creating and storing print-ready PDFs
  • Send print-ready media directly to print providers
  • Automatically added crop marks
Localization support
  • Change themes and styles with one click
  • Ability to select different language versions
Integrated with other features
  • Insert images from the DAM directly into templates
  • Predefine which set of images can be used in templates
  • Send files for review or revision
  • Metadata attached to new templates
  • Automatically pre-fills fields based on user profile (such as name, address, phone number, etc)
Simple in-line editor
  • Templates are edited via web browser — no design software required
  • Advanced editor based on HTML — no plugins required
  • Processing done directly within the document
  • Real-time edit and preview for created media
  • A built-in DPI check for images
Digital Brand Templates

Empower the marketer, free the designer

Bynder’s Digital Brand Templates helps marketing teams create more on-brand content faster by transforming creative files from Photoshop and Sketch into reusable digital templates.

Digital Brand Templates

Key features

Digital Brand Templates makes localization and A/B testing or versioning for social ads and paid ads a breeze. Create for one market, and localize for the rest by simply updating text and CTAs. Take your best-performing assets, and create variations to test quickly and easily.

  • Easily create reusable templates from Sketch and Photoshop

  • Lock any elements, like logos, colors, and fonts to maintain brand consistency

  • Change elements like background image and text in templates

  • Move and scale images within templates

  • Limit imagery to approved assets located in collections

  • Select approvers before collateral gets finalized

  • Receive email notifications when collateral has been reviewed

  • Save newly created assets directly to your Bynder asset library or download directly

  • Organize and filter all available templates by channel or campaign

Digital document
Brand Guidelines

Make sure your brand story is always consistent

Consistency is the key to a strong brand. With the Bynder’s Brand Guidelines, you can create and edit a configurable set of guidelines describing your brand story, and make important elements such as fonts, logos, and tone of voice accessible for everyone.

Guidelines edit

Online brand manual

Think of the Brand Guidelines as your team’s brand knowledge base, helping you to communicate brand identity both internally and externally. This central brand manual will make it easy for everyone to see what specific branding elements (logos, colors, banners, etc.) should be used, so your brand story is always told the right way.

Easy-to-use editor

Our editor is easy for everyone to use. Simply drag and drop text elements such as headlines, images, body text, or video and go deeper into guideline components by creating chapters and subchapters. Features such as auto-save and preview help make the editing process easy.

Embedding brand elements

Embed all brand elements from your portal directly into your brand guidelines and make them available for download. When you upload a new version in the DAM, it’ll automatically update in your guidelines.

Access to brand guidelines

You can also control access to your brand guidelines. You can choose to give access to all users, specific users only or editors only.

Guidelines preview

Brand Guidelines feature list:

Category Description
Online brand manual
  • Online access via your web browser
  • A Complete “Campaign Overview” functionality
  • An easy-to-update visual identity guideline
  • Create separate and distinct guidelines
Easy and quick updating
  • A user-friendly WYSIWYG editor
  • No HTML knowledge required
  • Simple restructuring of content: use drag and drop to move items
  • Save work-in-progress pages, preview and publish when ready
Integrated brand elements
  • Brand elements such as logos, fonts, and templates are directly available for download alongside the guideline
Access and sharing
  • Give access to all users, certain users, or editors only
  • Share guides via a link and make them publicly available
  • Native mobile app
Content workflow

Create quality content at scale

The demand for content has never been greater, yet it can take serious time and resources to create quality content at scale. Bynder’s Content Workflow transforms the chaotic world of feedback loops and document anarchy into a synergized, efficient workflow. A new standard in collaborative content creation allows you to manage the entire content lifecycle in one place.

Content workflow features overview

Real-time collaboration

Massive demand for content inevitably strains both the creatives producing the content and the marketers getting it out to channels. Content Workflow breaks down these previously siloed teams and provides a centralized platform to comment on content, tag stakeholders and notify relevant parties about changes—all in real-time.

Templates enforce consistency

Leading brands understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to plug the content gap.Instead, a varied content creation strategy leads to engaging content that buzzes through the digital noise. Templates allows brands to scale up content production while maintaining standards and consistency across vast volumes of content.Templating empowers content creators to unleash their imagination without double-checking character counts, waiting for lengthy input, or working blindly on a blank document

Content approval

Feedback loops and waiting for that final ‘seal of approval’ can be the stuff of nightmares for both creatives and marketers alike. Instead of waiting for that email to land in the inbox, Content Workflow makes the feedback process fast, constructive, and accountable.

A transparent review process bulldozes bottlenecks and encourages efficiency.

Total Control

Ever had unapproved changes that find their way into content, starting a mad panic of deletions, revisions, and re-distribution? Content Workflow’s custom roles and permissions safeguard content and allow stakeholders to be given full autonomy or regulated access to content and projects.

Bynder Analytics

Get meaningful insights into asset usage and performance

Bynder Analytics gives you the data you need to drill down into the details and measure the performance and usage of digital assets in the portal for straightforward KPI evaluation.



The dashboards give you a quick and easy overview of the portal's traffic and usage. Your portal comes with 3 default dashboards.

Account information

Gather insights about the main metrics regarding your portal via the ‘account information’ dashboard. Get a quick overview of assets by type, storage per asset type and the total amount of users, transfers and workflow jobs.

Usage dashboard

Make your data more useful by comparing them in the ‘usage’ dashboard. You can also see activity over time by selecting a ‘time frame’, or ‘click for details’ to drill down deeper into your statistics.

Most Popular Assets

Get a quick overview of the most popular assets and search terms by going to the ‘most popular’ dashboard.


When you are looking for more detailed or drilled down information, you can easily apply filters. Filters allow you to narrow down your search to include only the metrics you need for the time period you are looking for.


Generate reports in just a few clicks, making it easy to share your portal insights with colleagues or managers.

Bynder Analytics feature list:

Category Description
Account overview
  • Quick dashboard overview of asset performance, account usage, and most popular assets
  • Narrow down on your statistics by choosing a specific time period
Asset statistics
  • Total account storage used
  • Asset bank storage used
  • Total assets
  • Assets & storage by type
  • Total transfers & storage used
  • Total workflow (creative approvals) jobs & storage used
Usage statistics
  • Total views & downloads
  • Uploads
  • Deletions
  • Archives
  • Shares
  • Users created
  • Total users
  • Logins
  • Guideline views & shares
  • Searches
  • Workflow jobs created, completed, and overdue
  • Pie chart
  • Line graph
  • Filter bar
  • Generate and/or download quick overview reports in PDF or PNG
  • Generate and/or download data specific reports based off of individual graphs or numeric metric in CSV or PNG
Plugins & Integrations

The way you work can work even better

Eliminate the downloads, uploads, and emails. Get more from your digital content by integrating BYnder and connecting your technology ecosystem using our pre-built tools. For integrations not available in our marketplace, you can build tailored integrations using our API and Software Development Kits.

For a full view of our available plugins, please visit our integrations page.



For companies that have a wide range of products on offer, connecting Bynder with your PIM is the only way to ensure your products are represented best. Bynder’s retail customers store their product images in their DAM, which is packed full of functionality best suited for managing digital assets (cropping, focus points, etc.). Product images are then sent directly to the corresponding products in the PIM via a unique SKU number. Meanwhile, product information (e.g. color, brand, product hierarchy, etc.) is sent to the image in the DAM for easy searching and filtering. The result is a seamless experience where product information and images are managed in their respective best- in-breed platforms.

Content management systems & automation

Connect Bynder to your CMS and select the right images to add to your corporate intranet or corporate website in seconds. Our CMS plugins make sure the media used on your website is brand- approved and up-to-date while automating tasks such as image updates. Plugins are available for Drupal, Sitecore, Wordpress, Hippo, TYPO3, & more.

Creative Toolkit

Creating beautiful assets should not be a hassle, yet creatives are constantly downloading and uploading assets from various sources. With Bynder’s out-of-the-box plugins, your brand imagery is just a click away when using design tools. An integrated portal allows users to quickly search or filter for a specific file and drag & drop it into the artwork.


Bynder offers several single sign-on configurations. A "single sign-on" allows users to log into their networks or systems without having to log into each page individually while also being logged in to their favorite (web) applications. The key benefits are general ease of use, reduced password fatigue, less time wasted looking up and resetting forgotten passwords, as well as greater security controls.

iOS & Android

In your fast-paced day-to-day activities, you need to have immediate access to all your materials at any given moment. With Bynder's mobile app, you will always have access to the most up-to-date assets in your portal, even when you’re offline.

Custom integrations

Develop your own applications, plugins, and integrations using Bynder's API and SDKs. For more information, please visit developer.bynder.com.