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DAM requirements checklist

You’ve made the decision to start looking for a DAM solution, or perhaps you’re looking to benchmark your current DAM solution against other DAM providers. Now what? Instead of re-creating the wheel, use our handy checklist template to compare DAM vendors against high-level functional requirements across things like:

  • Access features
  • End-user experience
  • Platform architecture and enterprise-grade features
  • Search and sharing features
  • Collaboration and creative workflow features
  • Brand management features
  • Extensibility (integrations) and publishing features
  • Emerging content, analytics and reporting features
  • Company/Vendor requirements

Open the checklist to find:

    • A 10-page checklist on the most important, sought-after DAM features.
    • Pre-selected requirements that Bynder offers, plus space to compare to other vendors.
    • Direct link within the checklist to book a demo to see these features in action

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