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The worst creative review round ever (and how it all could have been avoided)

Who needs Brand Guidelines?

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to marketing content. It’s enough to make you wonder how anyone gets anything to market at all. Without brand guidelines for things like tone of voice, imagery and typography rules - it’s easy to go off-brand (and fast.)

To make it even more difficult, brands are faced with an increasing amount of requests to ideate, create, edit and publish on-brand content on a growing number of channels across multiple markets and geos. Throw in five review rounds that could have been avoided and the pace to get content out the door can feel glacial.

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  • An example of the creative review process gone awry because Brand Guidelines weren’t used
  • Why dynamic, online, always-on Brand Guidelines helps your team stay on-brand during content creation and creative review
  • Three ways Brand Guidelines help make feedback rounds more efficient

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