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Grid® Report for Digital Asset Management

Bynder ranked #1 in G2's Enterprise Americas Grid Report for Digital Asset Management

Other DAM's will tell you stories, but what about DAM customers across the entire market? They believe that we're the best in the business, including some of the biggest brands in the world.


Ranking #1 in Enterprise Americas Regional Grid® for Digital Asset Management 2023, Bynder has the highest customer satisfaction score and rates higher than the competition in ease of setup, use of admin, and quality of support.

With a commitment to constantly pushing the boundaries of what DAM is capable of, Bynder is backed by a best-in-class team, from backend engineers to dedicated account managers.

Such a high score is a testament to Bynder's ability to excel in meeting the needs of enterprise-size organizations and empower them to truly thrive.

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Report highlights:

  • Bynder consistently receives a higher-than-average customer satisfaction score and has the highest satisfaction score among digital asset management providers
  • Bynder ranks highest amongst the competition when it comes to ease of setup and usability for enterprise-level brands
  • As a 100% SaaS DAM provider, Bynder consistently provides a seamless experience to its customers
  • 98% of users rate Bynder as 4 or 5 stars, while 90% of users would recommend Bynder

The G2 Grid report is a ranking system for products and companies based on user reviews and ratings. Designed to help potential buyers make informed decisions about which products or services to purchase, the report provides a comprehensive overview of a company's offerings and customer experiences.

Grid® Report for Digital Asset Management
Grid® Report for Digital Asset Management