NEWS Bynder acquires EMRAYS a leading specialist in AI search solutions for DAM

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Grid® Report for Digital Asset Management

Bynder ranked #1 in G2's 2023 Grid Report for Digital Asset Management

Report highlights:

  • Bynder consistently receives a higher-than-average customer satisfaction score and has the largest market presence among digital asset management providers
  • Bynder consistently outperforms competitors when it comes to ease of setup, ease of use, ease of admin, and quality of support
  • As a 100% SaaS DAM provider, Bynder consistently provides a seamless experience to its customers—whatever the use case, industry, or company size
  • 98% of users rate Bynder as 4 or 5 stars, while 90% of users would recommend Bynder

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Badge G2 Leader Fall 2023

The G2 Grid report is a ranking system for products and companies based on user reviews and ratings. Designed to help potential buyers make informed decisions about which products or services to purchase, the report provides a comprehensive overview of a company's offerings and customer experiences.

It is based on data from G2's online review platform—one of the world's biggest review aggregators for tech products and services—and Bynder's position as #1 Leader in the DAM space is the result of years of hard work and commitment to excellence.

Such a high score is a testament to Bynder's ability to deliver high-quality products and customer support that regularly meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our 3700+ customers.

Grid® Report for Digital Asset Management
Grid® Report for Digital Asset Management