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Scaling marketing efforts in the FinTech landscape

Overcome industry specific marketing challenges with DAM

The FinTech industry is booming, but there are obstacles to overcome. Founders and investors must recognise the critical marketing challenges the industry faces. Easy adaptation, organisation, distribution and re-use of digital marketing assets is essential so impactful marketing campaigns with proven ROI can be delivered.

Join us for an easy-to-digest and actionable 30-min webinar to learn about:

  • Why Digital Asset Management is essential for FinTech
  • The 3 most common FinTech marketing challenges
  • The ability to scale in a very competitive environment


Margot Pijls

Margot PijlsLinkedIn
Sr. Field Marketing Manager

Josh Gallagher

Josh GallagherLinkedIn
Account Executive

Rachel Young

Rachel YoungLinkedIn
Head of Content Marketing

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