WEBINAR The State of Content How marketers can unite technology to build a seamless path to purchase

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Wednesday November 29th, 2023 15:00 CET / 14:00 GMT / 9 AM EST

The State of Content: How marketers can unite technology to build a seamless path to purchase

2023 poses a challenging period for marketers and businesses alike. With a volatile economy straining both internal budgets and consumer spending power, organizations need to prioritize investment in content creation, management and distribution to make a big impact.

Content experiences and a personalized, consistent content delivery pipeline have become the #1 priority for brands looking to gain a competitive advantage. Driving sales while nurturing brand loyalty and awareness, all at a reduced cost, powered by a wise investment in technology can be the game-changer organizations are crying out for in an ever-competitive environment.

Join to discover:

  • Why 69% of marketers worldwide consider investments in content creation, management, and distribution a tactical decision to safeguard their finances during uncertain times

  • Why 83% marketers across industries are focused on consolidating their technology systems

  • How to deliver consistency while distributing content at scale to win on the digital shelf

  • The value and ROI gained from using Bynder & inriver


Johan Boström

Johan BoströmLinkedIn
Co-Founder & Chief Customer Ambassador

Johan Boström is one of the founders of inriver and a senior business leader with two decades of experience leading international technology companies. With a strategic mindset and a passion for customer experience, he helped transform inriver into the powerful and robust product information management platform it is today.

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Dónal Ó Mearáin

Dónal Ó MearáinLinkedIn
Director, Lifecycle Marketing

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