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A tone-deaf tweet or half-baked idea can burn a brand’s reputation in an instant

That said, spectacular fails are relatively rare, and rarely as destructive as the 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing. These pernicious practices cause the biggest problems because their effects are cumulative. Damage is done over time and can be tough to detect. Until it’s too late.

As long as you’re working to overcome the bungles explained in this guide, your efforts will be blessed.

Some of the topics discussed in the guide include:

  • How gluttony for customers can tempt you to try marketing to everyone
  • Why anyone who is greedy for engagement should be using more video
  • How people might lust after your posts, but they should ultimately take some action
  • If you don’t respond to customers when they connect with you, you’ll feel their wrath
  • When it comes to managing your creative, sloth can cost you time and money
  • Creatives who take pride in their brand never let its look become chaotic
  • Be the envy of your industry by focusing on good design and compelling content

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