Strengthen marketing operations by integrating DAM into your Martech stack

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Using digital asset management (DAM) as the glue between your digital systems enables a single source of truth and consistency across channels that need access to the same content. This creates more efficient work processes, reduces the likelihood of error, and allows more time to focus on the business.

Every company’s Martech stack consists of an ever-growing number of technologies, custom implementation setups, and unique use cases, making it difficult to connect systems together. For ongoing success, it is important to acquire highly connectable technology, especially for foundational components like DAM.

Checking for feasibility and future-proofness of the integration options offered by a DAM vendor minimizes risk down the road and improves project planning when it comes to creating integrations with the DAM. Bynder invests in the building blocks needed to reduce tech burdens to build and deploy powerful integrations with speed.

Why place DAM at the heart of your IT landscape?

Integrating DAM with martech stack

Operate off of a single source of truth: Today, brand consistency is key, and uploading the same files to many different systems, if not managed closely, creates versioning and messaging issues. Having a content hub that supports asset lifecycle processes ensures that the correct assets always end up in the right places.

Save time by automating manual tasks: Reduce manual, repetitive work for your teams by automating work processes that don’t require human input. You may be unaware of how many times you, for example, download a file and then reupload it into a different system, costing precious time.

Reduce errors created from manual processes: Automating manual tasks reduces the likelihood of errors caused by human mistake. For example, when getting product images on the website means sales can be made, small errors can be costly.

Bynder tools for successful integrations

Out of the box connectors: Visit our marketplace to match our pre-built integrations, including common CMS, PIM, creative tools and more, with your technology stack.

Integration components: These pre-built components are available to help you cut down on custom development resources, saving time, money, and reducing implementation risk.

  • Compact View (pictured below) - Easily find, search, and import your Bynder assets directly into the systems where they are needed, in an intuitive interface.
  • Asset Tracker - Gain visibility into what applications are using your assets, linked directly in Bynder.
  • Push Notifications - Get notifications directly in the integrated application, to be able to react immediately to changes in Bynder (e.g. new version for an image used on your website).
  • Automated CDN Cache Invalidation - Bynder's included CDN comes with automatic cache invalidation. Ensuring your channels stay up to date when new versions of assets are created.
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Custom integration resources: We provide all the tools you need to build successful custom integrations.

  • RESTful API - Our API is publically available to help you build integrations, simply and adaptively.
  • SDKs (Sofware Development Kits) - Speed up the creation of your integration by using our SDKs, which simplify working with the RESTful API to connect with our DAM.
  • Bynder integration partners: If getting the necessary resources internally isn’t possible, consider using a Bynder integration partner. We can recommend partners that have a track record of successful DAM integration projects.

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