Webinar How to scale content creation with Video Brand Studio

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Extend your digital experience platform by integrating your CMS with digital asset management

Assembling a modern technology stack to meet fast-changing consumer and market demands is top-of-mind for many organizations. However, integrating, maintaining and scaling tools across teams is a challenge, impacting digital experience delivery. When building a modern stack, magic happens when you combine digital asset management and an agile content platform to extend content across services, teams and the customer journey. In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how you can assemble your own digital experience stack with an agile content platform
  • Gain insights on how to create consistent customer experiences faster, across multiple channels
  • Learn how to streamline content creation, management and delivery

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Stephanie Perozo

Stephanie Perozo, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ContentfulLinkedIn

David Fateh

David Fateh, Software Engineer, ContentfulLinkedIn

Brad Kofoed

Brad Kofoed, Vice President, Global Alliances and Channel, BynderLinkedIn

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