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How to scale content creation with Studio

The migration of marketing spend to online channels demands a rapidly growing volume of digital assets to fill each combination of channel, target audience, and ad format—as well as multiple variations to enable testing and creative optimization. Learn how Studio enables marketers to

  • Deliver the growing volume of video content using existing resources
  • Shorten development timelines to respond quickly to market opportunities
  • Reduce time spent on basic, repetitive tasks to free designer time for higher-value creative work
  • Increase the ROI of video campaigns through creative optimization based on ad performance data

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Georgi Mirazchiev

Georgi MirazchievLinkedIn
Field Marketer UK

Mark Tenniglo

Mark TennigloLinkedIn
VP Product Marketing

Adria Berrocal Forcada

Adria Berrocal ForcadaLinkedIn
Video Producer

Maarten Boon

Maarten BoonLinkedIn
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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