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How automation can help you reduce your creative costs

Creative automation has revolutionized the way businesses and marketers solve the challenge of creative content production. Companies invest huge sums of money in marketing teams and creative professionals for their talents but the output required is usually too high for them to keep up with.

During this easy-to-digest webinar we will share tips and stories of how automation can help consumer brands to save on creative costs.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • The basics of creative automation
  • How you can harness creative automation to maximize the impact of creative efforts while protecting and growing your brand
  • Five ways how creative automation can boost your revenue.

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Margot Pijls

Margot PijlsLinkedIn
Sr. Field Marketing Manager

Kate McMullen

Kate McMullenLinkedIn
Enterprise Sales

Sean Hargrave

Sean HargraveLinkedIn
Writing and comms - Freelance journalist, media trainer

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