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What if you could create on-brand and localized video content in minutes, instead of weeks?

Studio is an easy to use video creation tool that brings design and adaptation together in one platform.

Studio allows marketers to maximize ROI on their video marketing efforts by eliminating the need to spend creative resources on repetitive and minor edits or iterations. Marketers and creatives are free to localize and adapt video content for several variations which allows them to get more runway out of every asset.

What can you do with Studio?

Localization Social media marketing Channel marketing Testing & optimization Segmentation & personalization
Easily adapt video content to local markets and languages Resize creative video assets to fit multiple online and social media ad formats Enable third parties to create brand-compliant video content for their territory or region Create video content variations to enable creative optimization within ad platforms Make quick changes to imagery and copy in video assets to better target specific customer segments

If you’re ready to start creating video content at scale with Studio, get in touch with us today. We’ll discuss your use-case and show you how to scale your brand’s vision for video content like never before.