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Brand Connect has a comprehensive range of features to help your organization work fast and smart.

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Webdam features dynamic templates

Dynamic templates

Dynamic Templates enable you to customize or localize your marketing materials for different audiences or regions while maintaining brand consistency. Users with or without design skills can easily personalize presentations, business cards, brochures and countless other materials.

Webdam features social tools

Social tools

Brand Connect helps you extract more value by increasing engagement with and capturing feedback on the assets you’ve invested in. The commenting feature shows you how content is being used and how it performs, while “likes” surface the most useful or popular assets.

Webdam features brand guidelines

Brand Guidelines

While brands are built to be recognizable, that doesn’t mean they’re static. Brand Connect enables to you build and publish digital brand guidelines that are easily updated to reflect the nuanced changes that occur in almost every brand. Your updates are reflected in real time so users always have the latest, most up-to-date guidance.

Webdam features brand portal

Brand Portal

Webdam drag-and-drop templates make it easy for anyone in your organization to build a branded portal for easy sharing of updates and promotion of new content. Multiple portals can be used to communicate with various audiences or support varying business objectives. Use your portal to distribute brand guidelines, brand assets like logos and fonts and other approved materials that extend the value of your brand.

Webdam features robust analytics

Robust analytics

In just one click, you can view reports that show who is using your DAM, how many times an asset has been accessed and what actions users have taken. Get the data you need to optimize your investment and your assets.

Webdam features autodetect language

Auto-Detect Language

Invest in a solution that easily scales across a global organization. Webdam is available in 11 languages – the most of any cloud-based DAM provider! Teams located across the globe can use Webdam in their preferred language, increasing product adoption and delivering a higher ROI on your DAM investment.

Webdam features download rules

Download rules

No need to worry about rogue downloads and potential asset misuse. Set download limitations on folders, assets or user-type. Use custom forms to automate fulfillment of download requests, restrict or verify asset use or route requests to admins for review and approval.

Webdam features custom metadata

Custom Metadata

Put the metadata stored in your digital files to good use. Webdam makes it easy to configure existing fields or build custom fields to organize and categorize assets in a way that works best for your organization. And with the aid of suggested keywords, the time it takes to manually add tags and metadata is greatly reduced.

Webdam features fileconversion cropping

File Conversion and Cropping

Webdam frees up time for your creative teams by reducing asset requests and eliminating repetitive tasks such as changing image formats, cropping and resizing images. Built-in self-serve tools let users convert images to the format or size needed upon download.

Webdam features granular permissions

Granular Permissions

Easily configure access rights and permissions for different groups, teams, individual users or your entire organization. Control access and keep files safe by designating which assets each user can view, download or upload.

Webdam features faceted search

Faceted search

Spend less time searching for assets and more time extracting value from them. Faceted search lets you search within files and folders, by file type and more, while your custom metadata and tags ensure assets are organized and easy to retrieve.

Webdam features connected workflows

Connected workflows

Webdam unites teams and creative assets on a common, cloud-based platform. Everyone stays in sync throughout the creative asset lifecycle by working, reviewing and approving from the same source.

When an asset is complete, all it takes is one click to publish assets across the many marketing channels that keep you connected to your customers.