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We respect and protect your privacy

Bynder's security commitment to you and your data

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Privacy-first design

The cornerstone of our trusted SaaS features

Offering a confidential cloud-based home for your assets, Bynder's globally-accessible solutions are upheld by strict policies that govern how all data is handled. ISO 27001:2013 certified and HIPAA compliant, we pledge to protect your privacy at all times while ensuring you don't end up a statistic of security error.


Safeguarding your data from internal and external threats

From the very first brainstorming stages to launch, security is an integral aspect of every step in our development processes. Throughout the design and build, the Bynder team has preventative measures in place to protect against well-known vulnerabilities, regularly carries out security tests and scans and has a public Responsible Disclosure Policy to detect and resolve any issues.


Your trust means everything to us

The protection and privacy of your data is our top priority, therefore, all hosting and storage is 100% aligned with the restrictive EU data protection laws. Furthermore, our online storage partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) is renowned for rigorous online and physical security measures and guarantees 99.999999999% durability on their object storage.


Secure anywhere anytime access to your assets

Because Bynder is a highly scalable SaaS subscription accessible globally via a web browser, you don't have to install anything on your servers. Secured by a strict roles system, every request to access stored information has to be verified via profiles but in turn, ensures your assets are securely available at all times.

Industry-leading security features

Collective measures built around your needs and data

Bynder can not only resolve your infrastructure problems, but the combined security measures with AWS ensure that data stored within Bynder never leaks due to inadequate security. Our high levels of data security are maintained by the following measures:

Physical security

Amazon's data server structures are designed to minimize the impact of global operational disruptions. Moreover, AWS' data centers are staffed around the clock by specially trained security guards. Authorized access is granted on a need to know basis.

Online protection

All traffic to and from Bynder uses a secure HTTPS connection. Access to servers is limited and only available through SSL. In order to ensure that only the right people have access to secure data, administrative access is only allowed from a controlled set of IP addresses.

Network protection

Bynder's network is protected by state-of-the-art firewalls maintained with regular upgrades and patches. Direct administrative access to all Bynder servers is permitted exclusively through VPN, connected from our office, and only to people with the highest access privileges.

Security benchmarks

Bynder's robust solutions are not only compliant with all HIPAA security standards—a mark of data protection credibility—but our capacity to globally manage and safeguard digital content at all levels resulted in our ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Server management

Bynder's servers are based on Ubuntu LTS and managed through automated systems—like Amazon CloudFront and Jenkins. This means that all our servers are supplied with the latest security patches and Bynder personnel never access your information.

Secure sharing

Offering comparable speeds and flexibility, Bynder Express is an IT-approved sharing method that complies with ISO security standards. The feature circumvents potential data loss during person-to-person file-sharing practices and works with, not around, your security measures.


Bynder's 99.999999999% data durability will keep your files safe. All media added to Bynder is backed up in three different ways every day. In the case of catastrophic system-wide failures, we can perform a backup restore within one business day.

Business continuity

In the case of bankruptcy, we can guarantee data availability and accessibility. Our partner service continuity foundation has resources to support the continuation of services for 12 months, providing you ample time to find and procure a new solution.

Contact security team

Feel free to get in touch with our security team directly if you have specific questions or wish to request more information. Drop us an email or use the PGP Public Key to contact Bynder's security team.

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