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Bynder for Manufacturing & Automotive

Bynder for Manufacturing & Automotive

Missing a critical cog in the wheel of your marketing operations?

Bynder’s digital asset management solution centralizes your marketing efforts to streamline collaboration, safeguard brand reputation, and ultimately maintain a competitive edge in today’s digital-first marketplace.

How Bynder helps manufacturing and automotive brands

Collaborate efficiently; internally and externally

Bynder functions not only as a central digital workshop for internal stakeholders, but also as a third-party enablement portal.

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The issue

Slow file transfers, back-and-forth emails with corrupt attachments, file-size limits, and/or upload errors are a frequent occurrence when distributing content.

Our solution

Simple, secure content distribution

Our built-in file-transfer solution Bynder Express provides fast and secure sharing from your desktop, both internally and externally, without compromising confidentiality.

With our Collections feature, you can send large, hi-res marketing assets in bulk straight from the DAM while tailoring access/usage rights for recipients, providing complete control over how assets are leveraged.

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Simple, secure content distribution
The issue

It’s difficult to communicate brand guidelines and ensure correct content creation/usage for regional campaigns and product launches.

Our solution

Ensure brand consistency across all markets

Bynder’s Creative Workflow gets everyone on the same page to approve both global and regional campaign collateral prior to launch. That way, everything published is on-brand, on-time, and up‑to‑date.

To remain innovative, you must remain adaptable. Our Brand Guidelines module provides an interactive brand ‘rulebook’ that can be easily updated in line with new innovations, business models, and brand positioning.

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Ensure brand consistency across all markets

Scale your digital presence with creative shortcuts

Bynder’s creative templating functionality harnesses the powers of automation to scale and create content in high-volume.

Whether it’s for partner enablement or a product launch, create multiple asset variations for each market, language, channel, and format—without needing specialist skills.

Once assets are created, Bynder’s integrations automate the distribution of assets to ensure the right assets are on the right channels at the right time.

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Scale your digital presence with creative shortcuts



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At EVBox, we have a motto that everything we do and decide must be international, scalable and future-proof. When looking for a DAM, we chose Bynder simply because it fits this criteria.
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