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Creative Services

Creative teams are under constant pressure to deliver more output, with limited resources. Bynder taps into the power of automation to scale content creation, simplify workflows, and drive efficiencies across the entire content lifecycle.

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How Bynder helps creative teams

The challenge

It’s hard to keep up with and efficiently manage content requests.

Our solution

Simplify creative requests

You’re in the driver’s seat with Bynder’s DAM and project management functionality. Easily define your creative and collaborative processes and enable users to make new requests with predefined tasks and responsible parties.

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Simplify creative requests Simplify creative requests Simplify creative requests Simplify creative requests Simplify creative requests Simplify creative requests
The challenge

Too much time is spent on managing projects and lengthy feedback rounds.

Our solution

Crystal-clear collaboration

The Bynder suite provides configurable workflows integrated with the DAM for collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders: transparency for all, responsibilities clear-cut, and process bottlenecks eliminated for faster execution.

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The challenge

Creative resources are wasted on low-skilled, repetitive edits and creations of more-or-less-the-same content assets.

Our solution

Scale content creation

Whether it’s for print, digital, or video, our creative templating functionality allows everyone to create and edit content in high-volume—without needing specialist skills— so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time there’s a request for a new social ad or email banner.

That way, you can ensure your creative collateral is always consistent with your brand guidelines and fits the needs of each market and channel, so you can focus on higher-value creative work.

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Why do creative teams need digital asset management?

Beautiful design requires time and clear head space. But the avalanche of creative demands in our modern digital world often means creative teams struggle to find uninterrupted time to focus on what’s important: being creative. New and evolving touchpoints like web experiences and social media keep adding to the design queue. However, the creative marketing tools aren’t always adequate to meet demand.

Digital asset management (DAM) technology is helping creative teams operate at the pace of digital marketing demands. Originally created as a repository for finished images, designs and other creative assets, DAM now functions as the foundation for a modern and streamlined creative workflow, serving as a central hub for brand operations, integrating with the creative tools that designers use on a daily basis (see a full list of Bynder integrations here.)

How exactly does digital asset management help creative teams?

As a creative marketing tool, DAM centralizes all your creative assets in one place and uses descriptive tags and metadata to make finding the right files much easier. Integrations with third-party sources—even stock photography sites—can expand options from the comfort of a familiar environment. Bottom line: You’ll find the right asset faster.

Unlike creative tools that are used exclusively by designers, DAM is a cross-functional platform to unite all the different groups involved in the creative process, from project initiation through creative development, review, approval, and ultimately distribution of final designs. Now image selection, preliminary input, and approval of final designs can be fast tracked rather than lost in a mass of reply-all emails.

Less process and fewer clicks lead to more creativity and better design. Many DAM systems can be integrated seamlessly with powerful design platforms like InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop as well as CMS platforms like Wordpress and Drupal. Rather than interrupting a project to identify and download an image, creative assets can be searched, previewed and pulled directly into layouts from stock photo sites or your own asset library.

Among the recent innovations emerging in DAM is integrated brand guidelines functionality: one central source of brand truth that both internal and external stakeholders can use to be informed on how to execute creative marketing projects that are consistent with brand requirements. Unlike static guidelines published in PDF documents, digital brand guidelines can be updated instantly and are always accessible. Brand portals can also provide approved brand assets along with the standards for their use.

For more information on Bynder’s Brand Guidelines functionality, check out our Brand Guidelines guide.

Some design tasks are just plain tedious. For example: changing the address box in a flyer for 189 different retail locations. Or swapping different featured menu items every week for a chain of restaurants.

Digital asset management solutions such as Bynder offer creative templating functionality that allows creative teams to scale and automate repetitive tasks like these for faster results. Brand templates lock down specific elements in a design or video while leaving others open for adaptation or localization.

Using these simple templates doesn’t require any special design skills either, ensuring creative teams aren’t overburdened with low-value, repetitive work. Design once, and let others handle production.

Check out Bynder’s Studio add-on module for more information on how to scale and automate creative asset creation, while ensuring 100% brand consistency.

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