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Digital Marketing

Digital asset management is a must-have for the modern digital marketer. Functioning as the digital workshop of your martech ecosystem, Bynder enables you to deliver brand-consistent, omnichannel digital experiences from one central location, so you can stay one step ahead in the fast-paced digital race.

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How Bynder supports digital marketing

The challenge

There’s no central location to find up-to-date, brand-consistent marketing assets in the right formats for the right channels.

Our solution

A one-stop-shop for digital content

Whether it’s for a new multi-channel marketing campaign or a social media ad, Bynder provides a central source for all your marketing materials.

With an intuitive interface that communicates usage rights and Brand Guidelines functionality to ensure you’re always creating and using assets correctly, you can finally spend more time on marketing, and less time on admin.

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A one-stop-shop for digital content
The challenge

It takes too long to create, adapt, and publish content, which limits the performance and optimization of digital marketing campaigns.

Our solution

Go to market on your terms

Don’t wait for your designers to get content created and campaigns launched. By using pre-made, editable brand templates, digital marketers can create brand-consistent images, ads, banners and even videos for different languages, channels, and testing strategies in mere minutes—no specialist skills required.

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Go to market on your terms
The challenge

Publishing, analyzing, and optimizing content across all digital touchpoints results in repetitive, manual work.

Our solution

Publish and optimize with ease

Whether it’s social media plug-ins, video platforms, or web analytics, Bynder integrates and connects with the tools and channels you rely on daily to publish content directly from the DAM, optimize campaigns, and track performance.

We’re the central source for content at the heart of your wider martech toolbelt, maximizing the ROI of your marketing assets and activities.

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Publish and optimize with ease

Why do digital marketing teams need digital asset management?

With consumers and marketers alike spending more and more time communicating and creating content in the digital space, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for digital marketing teams to manage their growing number of digital assets, often lacking the structure and relevant digital marketing tools such as DAM that allow them to maximize the potential of their content effectively.

The possibilities for marketing to global audiences are endless, but reaching intended audiences effectively and efficiently without having the right digital files at your fingertips can be difficult. Organizations—regardless of size—need to be where their customers are. The challenge is that the customer is typically everywhere—across devices, channels and touchpoints. Digital marketers manage hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of content—from logos, images and video to brochures, whitepapers, presentation decks and more. By enabling digital marketers to centralize all these digital assets in one location, they can save time and resources for higher-value work.

In the context of increasing technological automation that helps organizations to meet the marketing demands of the fast-paced digital race, digital marketers leveraging digital asset management are able to speed up content and campaign lifecycles, streamline the distribution of content to relevant digital touchpoints, and automate manual, repetitive tasks.

If you’d like to learn more about the features and functionality of digital asset management, check out our DAM for Dummies guide.

What are the benefits of digital asset management for digital marketing activities?

From finding and distributing brand-consistent social media assets for your next ad campaign to checking up on the latest brand guidelines, digital asset management solutions provide a whole host of benefits for digital marketing professionals—and can be tailored accordingly to your team’s specific needs.

But generally speaking, DAM provides a central portal for digital marketers to find, use and distribute marketing assets in the right formats to the right digital touchpoints, automating much of the manual admin work that is often associated with content management. But talking practically, how exactly does digital asset management benefit digital marketing professionals?

DAM makes digital assets in a variety of formats available to anyone who needs them—no middlemen necessary. Cloud-based access allows digital marketers to get what they need regardless of location or device. Tailored permission and usage rights prevents unauthorized use, or alternatively enables open access for assets that need to be used by external stakeholders. By centralizing assets in one place, digital marketers have the flexibility and agility they need to create, adapt, and optimize their online campaigns effectively.

Many DAM vendors (such as Bynder) include brand guidelines functionality as an additional feature within the digital asset management solution. Functioning as a “digital home” for a brand’s identity and guidelines, it enables digital marketers to get the latest rules on how to create and use brand assets, with instructions on logos, typography, colors, etc.

By also integrating brand guidelines with DAM, any changes made to brand assets in the DAM are immediately reflected in your guidelines too, ensuring everyone is always up-to-date.

The result is that digital marketers no longer need to ask designers for the latest guidelines or updated assets, and can go to market on their terms, with the peace of mind that content is always up-to-date, and brand-consistent. To learn more, check out our Brand Guidelines Overview.

Digital marketers are just one cog in the larger marketing machine, having to collaborate with various other professionals to coordinate marketing activities. And this includes collaborating on the creative process, from content requests and feedback rounds to eventual distribution.

Project management functionality such as Bynder’s Creative Workflow module provides a central place for digital collaboration, streamlining content requests, reviews, and approvals for better creative, and faster results. Project initiation, preliminary input, and approval of final designs can be fast tracked rather than lost in a mass of reply-all emails. Digital marketers can get their hands on the content they need quicker, while also ensuring everything is up-to-date and on-brand.

Digital marketers need speed and flexibility to continually create and optimize their campaigns according to performance and changing consumer behavior. And that means having the right content at your fingertips as and when you need it. A common challenge is having to rely on designers to get content created quickly enough, which can often be a real hindrance when you need to go to market as fast as possible.

Digital asset management solutions like Bynder include creative templating functionality that allows digital marketers to create and adapt the images (and even videos) they need in mere minutes, without needing specialist skills.

Brand templates allow designers to lock down specific brand elements in a design while leaving others open for adaptation or localization by marketers. The result is digital marketers can create content quickly and in high-volume to support their digital marketing campaigns, while also ensuring brand guidelines and design principles are adhered to. For more information on this functionality, check out Bynder’s Digital Brand Templates and Video Brand Studio modules.

Connecting DAM to other digital marketing tools can save time and prevent the mistakes that often occur when too many hand-offs are required. DAM can connect to or integrate with these systems using an API, pre-built connectors, or plug-ins.

Many pre-built connectors exist for common marketing applications like Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Wordpress, CMS, Drupal, SiteCore, and more. Reach your destination faster and get things done more simply – without all the clicks and window manipulation of switching between applications. Check out a full list of Bynder’s current integrations here.

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