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Evolve your content creation with creative automation

A new marketing epoch is upon us. It’s not simply the strongest brands that will survive. It’s the most adaptable companies.

The brands filled with forward-thinking creative marketers who will use automation to scale their content creation. The ones who know in their bones creative automation is the next evolution of marketing. With creative automation, marketing finds a way.

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Close the creative output gap with creative automation

The challenge

The demand for content is exponential, but the process for creating it is linear.

Our solution

Software that helps marketers create on-brand content quickly and at scale

For eons, the upstream creative process has stayed linear, manual, bespoke. Automation has come to almost every other function in marketing, but not creative. The time is now for marketers to level up their creative execution strategies to heed the call for creative content.

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Software that helps marketers create on-brand content quickly and at scale
The challenge

Marketers can’t keep up with the growing demand for on-brand, creative content.

Our solution

An easier, better, faster, stronger, and more automated way to create assets

Don’t get caught in prehistoric processes and ways of thinking from eons ago. Being slow to change could mean the difference between your brand learning to thrive or your brand facing extinction. Marketing teams have difficulty fulfilling the demand for content across channels, leading to a creative output gap.

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An easier, better, faster, stronger, and more automated way to create assets
The challenge

Adaptations to marketing content take too long.

Our solution

Free up creative resources for the next big idea, not manual production efforts

It doesn’t have to be difficult to make a simple copy change or try a different visual anymore. Gain more time for creativity by automating parts of the content production process.

Learn how to adapt digital content at scale
Free up creative resources for the next big idea, not manual production efforts
The challenge

The high volume of content needed means more chances for inconsistent branding.

Our solution

Evolve & scale your video content without going off-brand

Thrive, don’t just survive. Avoid maladaptive marketing and brand mutations by ensuring brand consistency even when you have to supply a high volume of content for digital and social channels.

Create high-quality, brand-consistent video fast
Evolve & scale your video content without going off-brand






Through the improvements we made, we recently won the Best Use of Social Media from Investment Week at the Investment and Marketing Innovation Awards, which is a great demonstration of the value in Bynder’s Digital Brand Templates.
Farzana Ali
Creative Service Manager at Schroders
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What is creative automation for marketing?

Creative automation closes the gap between the content creative teams need to produce and the resources they have at hand. Unlike the traditional marketing content creation process, creative automation turns the creation process into a scalable collaboration between design and content. Creative automation helps teams scale their content across formats and variations, without ever impacting brand consistency.

What are the problems facing marketers when it comes to scaling and automating creative production?

Long lead times, high production costs, and brand consistency issues are some of the biggest challenges when it comes to scaling creative content. Every marketer wants to be more agile, but standing in their way is a litany of issues: It’s not easy to localize content across markets and languages; Creative assets need to be resized to fit multiple digital and social formats; And finally, there’s simply not enough time in the day to produce the number of asset variations to support creative optimization within ad platforms if you think about content creation as a linear production process.

Why are marketers turning to creative automation to help scale on-brand content production?

Gaining time for more creative endeavors is a main benefit of creative automation. Instead of resizing the same content over and over in various formats, creatives get more time to do what they do best: create. And marketers get brought into the content creation process. Creative automation not only frees up time for everyone, it also drives increased collaboration within your teams.

Who uses creative automation software?

People who use creative automation software include creative directors, brand managers, content leads, marketing managers, videographers, designers, copywriters, and more.

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