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Brand Management

For brand managers, protecting brand integrity and reputation are top priorities. Growing brand trust, value, and recognition starts with making the right brand assets accessible, communicating clear guidelines, and enabling on-brand re-use. 

Only when brand assets are centralized, can they be distributed to internal and external parties in a consistent, efficient way.

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How Bynder helps with brand management

The challenge

There is little control over what assets are being used in the market.

Our solution

Control content usage

Easily keep track of the latest versions, define access and usage rights in the DAM so everyone always has access to the right digital assets. Use metadata and tags to clarify which assets are for which channel and each asset's intended use so everyone is on the same page. Use metadata to document asset usage terms, and set automatic go-live or expiration dates on key brand assets.

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Control content usage
The challenge

Releasing incorrect or off-brand content risks brand reputation.

Our solution

Boost brand reputation

Create on-brand content in seconds with Bynder's Digital Brand Templates. Quickly approve or reject assets in Creative Workflow, and publish or replace content instantly in the Bynder DAM.

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Boost brand reputation
The challenge

Not everyone knows your brand rules.

Our solution

Drive brand consistency

Easily share Brand Guidelines with all relevant stakeholders so everyone understands how to use your brand's assets. Your brand assets and the guidelines on how to use them can all be found in one place with Bynder, making it easy for you and your colleagues to always use the correct branding assets in the right way.

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Drive brand consistency

What is brand management?

Brand management is an all-encompassing term to describe marketing techniques and approaches for boosting the overall value and reputation of a brand and its products over time.

When done right, an effective brand management strategy helps to establish and engage with a loyal customer base who will perceive a brand and its products positively, ultimately driving bottom-line revenue and higher brand equity.

What is brand management software?

Marketing teams are constantly having to grapple with new channels and technologies, while also dealing with the pressure to create new, relevant content to engage with its consumers.

Brand management software (such as Bynder) is a tech solution that organizations use to centralize and manage their brand management process, content and communications. By creating a central location to create, store, organize, and share branded assets with both internal and external stakeholders, brands can more efficiently collaborate and deliver a strong, consistent brand presence across all digital touchpoints.

For more information on brand management software, check out our guide: Brand Management Software for Dummies.

What are the typical features of brand management software?

To understand what makes a brand management system so valuable, here are five key features that your brand management software should provide:

The key to a strong brand management system is making sure the solution is readily accessible and convenient for both internal and external stakeholders to access the content they need, when they need it — ideally from one central place.

The brand management software should have functionality that allows organizations to manage and update brand guidelines, helping to drive brand consistency and the correct usage of branded assets.

The ability for brand management software to determine and restrict who has access to different brand assets is key to making sure that no content falls into the wrong hands or is changed without approval.

Relevant stakeholders need to be able to take design-approved brand templates and customize them for a local audience without starting from scratch or using branding in an unapproved way. To learn more about this functionality, check out Bynder’s Digital Brand Templates and Video Brand Studio.

How do I select the best brand management software for my needs?

Brands come in all shapes and sizes, including the content they’re distributing. So a necessary first step is to really lock down what your organization’s specific needs are from a brand management solution, and what problems you hope to solve with it.

We recommend using the following questions as a guide and to reference when comparing different brand management system vendors:

  1. Why exactly am I looking for brand management software?
  2. What type of brand assets do I ordinarily work with?
  3. Who will be using the brand management software?
  4. Can the brand management solution be integrated with other software my company uses?
  5. What’s my budget?

For more guidance and information on how to select the right software for your own brand management process, learn more with our Brand Management Software Comparison Guide.

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