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Every brand needs to store and share content effectively. The right solution to that need could make all the difference.

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Digital Asset Management features

Upload & Organize

  • Drag & drop files into the portal
  • Handles every common file format/type
  • Automatically extracts metadata
  • Finds & cleans up duplicate files
  • Customized taxonomy
  • Approve & audit submitted files

Find & Share

  • Instant search results from any asset property
  • Accept or reject files from externals
  • Attach related media
  • Share collections to users or externals
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) makes files easy to find
  • Preview files, presentations, videos, and more

DIY Administration & Digital rights

  • Archive outdated files that shouldn’t be used anymore
  • Set digital rights to ensure correct use of assets
  • Define teams & user profiles
  • Watermark files to prevent unauthorized distribution
  • Set embargo dates on files
  • Easily bulk-edit file information


  • Automate asset distribution to any platform using our API & SDKs
  • Access brand assets in other systems using available plugins
  • Directly embed media across platforms
  • Automatic image delivery optimization (width, height, file size, output format, quality, and overall visual appearance) with Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT)


  • Bynder Express lets you transfer unlimited files of any size
  • Tailor user journeys with our customizable homepage widgets
  • Get valuable statistics on assets, users, and more

Brand Guidelines features


  • Manage the building blocks of your brand's identity via the Brand Guidelines module
  • Assign brand guide access rights for internal, external, and public access
  • Download existing assets from your DAM directly through the module


  • Update typographies, color palettes, and UI elements within the module and synchronize across all guides
  • Create groups to manage all guides, and synchronize them with your DAM, easily within the module
  • Optional: Employ unique theme sets for each sub-brand

Creative Workflow features

Create & Collaborate

  • Pre-define your creation and approval processes for easy project launches
  • Invite all desired stakeholders into one creative space
  • Use annotations & comments to keep all communications centralized


  • Keep your campaigns, projects, and sub-tasks structured
  • Have an overview of all creative projects; stay on top of deadlines
  • Export workflow data for high-level presentations

Content Workflow features

Create & Collaborate

  • AI Assist: Empowering you to use AI on your own terms - scaling content creation with full control
  • Collaborate on content in real-time
  • Easily share links to pages and projects
  • Templates for blogs, web pages, and more
  • Control access rights for stakeholders

Manage & Distribute

  • DAM integration for asset sharing
  • Approval workflow to ensure on-brand content
  • Advanced Workflow: operationalize more complex content operation workflows. Clarify accountability over work, and standardize scheduling operations.
  • Content calendar to manage tasks and deadlines
  • Content publishing process to aid in go-to-market strategy

Studio features


  • Easily create reusable image, video and animation templates from scratch or by importing existing designs from formats like Adobe Premiere XML or Photoshop PSD
  • Increase brand consistency by defining fonts and colors and controlling which elements can be modified
  • Seamlessly adapt master content to other sizes


  • Create new designs easily from saved, brand-approved templates
  • Create content variations while preserving the master design and layout
  • Use the importer to create multiple content variations and localizations automatically

Dynamic Asset Transformation features

Deliver & Optimize

  • Deliver personalized assets based on visitor characteristics
  • Optimized assets help reduce web load times by at least 30%
  • Automate asset resizes and variations at scale
  • Powerful and easy-to-use tools for asset transformation
  • Next-level data analytics to track asset performance on external websites

Bynder Analytics features


  • Review your portal’s user, content, and workflow activity
  • Measure your content’s performance to make metric-driven decisions
  • Filter for the metrics and timeframes that you want to focus on
  • Next-level data analytics to track asset performance on external websites


  • Download CSV and PDF reports for easy distribution to colleagues and managers

Login & Authentication


  • Google SSO
  • Active group directory mapping

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