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Digital asset management

Is your organization looking for a user-friendly asset management tool that drives agile marketing? Bynder's digital asset management (DAM) module allows you to take control of your growing bank of digital content files; reducing the time to market of all marketing materials while enhancing stakeholder collaboration. Rich in functionality and essential to anyone looking to create a more effective workflow, usability is our DAM's standout feature.

Upload and Store

Bulk upload via drag and drop - Adding files to your asset library—individually or in bulk—is now easy. Say goodbye to tedious processes and say hello to an intelligent solution that allows you to upload hundreds of files at once.

Supported file formats - Bynder supports all common media file formats—including images, videos, and documents—and automatically generates a thumbnail preview during upload.

Automatic metadata extraction - Bynder will automatically extract all metadata during the upload process.

Receive media files - External parties—such as photographers and design agencies who do not have access to your portal—can still upload media via the drag and drop feature on your login page. The recipient can either simply reject or accept the assets.

Approve and audit uploads - The waiting room feature is like the doorman to your asset library—ensuring that the approved files are added, and the unwanted are turned away.

Manage and Organize

Customisable taxonomy - Do you want to be able to add adaptable folders, categories and metadata filters that reflect the way you work? Simple. You can also add descriptive tags to your files that make it easier to locate them using the search function. Interested? Our implementation team are happy to help you to work out the best suitable structure together.

Bulk editing of files - Bynder’s functionality makes it easy to edit your files in bulk. Whether you want to add or remove tags, change folders and categories or add information to other metadata fields, it is all possible.

Flexible image and video manipulation - Sometimes, assets need amending on the move. Bynder has a simple image and video manipulation tool that supports easy cropping, rotating, and clipping, so that you can download and use the new version right away.

Related media files - To ensure you have all your assets grouped together correctly, you can relate files to one another for quicker access. For example; grouping multiple shots of the same product or a brochure in different languages.

Smart version management - Version control provides designers and brand managers total control of downloads—creating confidence that only the correct files are available.

Duplicate clean up - Bynder uses an intelligent smart fingerprinting algorithm to clean your database of unwanted duplicates. Mean you don’t waste time spring cleaning your asset library.

Archiving media - Keep your digital asset library up-to-date by marking outdated materials as "archive".

Search and Find

Instant search results - Instant search results support your need to find the right file fast. You can narrow your search in seconds, providing full flexibility when combining different search criteria to find the desired result.

Suggestive Google-like search - Bynder’s powerful search function supports you with an incredibly fast, intuitive, and user-friendly file search option. It is even possible to search and find keywords with a PDF file.

Advanced search filters - Thanks to advanced search filters, you can combine several metadata fields with custom filters in order to search through your media database based on geographic location, archival materials, authors, copyright, and more.

In-depth previews - Bynder automatically creates a preview of most media files, including video, audio, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Word, and PDF. Relevant metadata is presented next to the preview alongside any product information or related files.

PDF zoom - Long gone are the days when you had to download PDF files in order to browse the content. Simply hit “look into document” and choose your zoom level from the dropdown menu.

Share and Distribute

Security and access control - Do you know what corporate emails, insecure cloud services, and removable hard drives have in common? They all make it very easy for sensitive information to be leaked, or even misplaced. Bynder removes this threat, and allows users to revoke access to collections even after they have been sent out, or limit their availability over a selected timeframe.

Bynder express - Bynder express is an IT-approved sharing method that circumvents any deadly data losses during person-to-person file-sharing practices. Fully compliant with ISO security standards, Bynder express imposes no file size limits and is a user-friendly feature that works with, not around, your security measures.

Collections of media - The collections feature allows you to select and group media files, regardless of their file type, size, or category. Creating a collection not only allow you to access, edit and work on a specific group of files at any time, but also creates an easy way to share collections with others.

Directly embed media - Embedding media directly can save you a great deal of time when it comes to publishing content. Bynder will automatically provide you with a file embed code that you simply copy and paste into your CMS. Quick and easy.

Watermarks - Looking for an extra security layer for your assets? Bynder allows users to add watermarks to selected content, preventing unauthorized distribution of your media files.

Open image bank - If you want to open your digital asset library publicly and promote your media for public download, Bynder can offer both a payment module and a shopping basket functionality. This means that you can run your own stock image bank and securely sell your images directly through Bynder.