REPORT Forrester's Now Tech Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience, Q2 2021

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How Bynder helps deliver flawless digital experiences

Personalized digital experiences are rich, engaging stories that build loyalty, create demand and establish trust in a world where if you aren’t digital-first—you’re last.

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How Bynder helps deliver flawless digital experiences

The creative asset engine powering great digital experience

The challenge

Digital experiences demand growing volumes of high-quality content.

Our solution

Scale content production, protect creative bandwidth

Digital experience today is highly visual. Success depends on impactful creative content, delivered quickly and at high volume to support targeting and personalization. Bynder creative automation tools generate the countless asset variations needed for local markets, different ad sizes, customer personas, and testing while empowering digital marketers to iterate their own, on-brand assets.

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Scale content production, protect creative bandwidth
The challenge

Your brand has no single source of truth.

Our solution

A DAM platform purpose-built for digital experience

A DAM platform from Bynder manifests itself as an enterprise-scale system of record. Powerful metadata-driven and real-time asset referencing, delivered via API and URLs, allows for algorithm-generated personalized content requests. Coupled with DAT (Dynamic Asset Transformation), DAM enables faster, error-free development of web pages and other touchpoints.

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A DAM platform purpose-built for digital experience
The challenge

Distribution of assets across channels and devices is a constant battle.

Our solution

Seamless integration with your existing tech stack

Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) from Bynder optimizes image size and format, ensuring a quality, fluid visual experience across device and channel type. A robust ecosystem couples seamlessly with your existing tech stack using more than 50 pre-built connectors, providing a smooth journey from creation to distribution.

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What is Digital Experience (DX)?

Digital experience (DX) is the collected responses a user or customer has when interacting with a brand. This includes digital experience platforms such as the company website, apps, social media, and chatbots. In a world that increasingly operates online, marketers must ensure they deliver a great digital customer experience across all touchpoints. This means providing a seamless user experience, fixing any issues quickly, and understanding and adapting to user behaviors. Brands must also ensure that all tools and platforms are secure and customer data is never compromised.

As with customer and user experience, providing a good digital experience helps to build trust, increases customer loyalty and satisfaction, and gives brands a significant competitive advantage. Digital experience management also provides an opportunity to get real-time customer feedback and data insights so brands can respond to issues and improve services.

Creating a cohesive digital experience across all marketing channels is a challenge but using digital experience solutions such as DAM (digital asset management) and CMS (content management systems) can help smooth the journey.

How to create a great digital customer experience

Getting a thorough understanding of your customer’s digital preferences and behaviors is a key element of your success when creating a great digital customer experience. Think about what level of support or intervention they might need, which marketing channels they use most and why, what technologies they are comfortable with, and vice-versa.

Think about the customer journey in its entirety. Remove any obstacles, make sure moving between platforms is seamless and offer feedback mechanisms so you can rectify any issues and capitalize on successes.

Where possible, and appropriate, try to personalize your digital customer experience. This could mean sending special offers based on a customer’s behavior or in-session loyalty promotions that are relevant to your user. You might also consider adapting offers based on a customer’s location, or the time of year or day. Anything that makes them feel they are valued as an individual.

Every digital device and marketing channel you operate must provide a high quality and cohesive user experience. The transition between each element must be fluid and seamless. This helps build confidence in your brand and increases loyalty, brand recognition, and customer satisfaction.

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