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Organizational Scale

No matter how you scale or the current size of your organization, we’ve got a tailor-made solution to fit your exact needs and goals.

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How Bynder helps organizations scale smoothly

The foundation of a growing digital ecosystem

A smooth-operating digital ecosystem is critical in maintaining business efficiency as you grow.

  • Managing content is intuitively centralized in the cloud—a digital “one-stop-shop”—helping to bring structure to marketing activities and foster transparency
  • A tailor-made taxonomy for tagging your digital assets, matched to your company “lingua franca” for fast findability
  • Bynder functions at the heart of your tech stack, integrating with other tech tools to ensure seamless data exchange and brand consistency across your digital ecosystem
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The foundation of a growing digital ecosystem

Fostering flexibility, while ensuring brand control

When experiencing fast growth, it’s easy to lose control over how brand assets are created and used. Bynder provides the peace of mind that your brand image is protected, while also ensuring the right people have access to the right content.

  • Tailor access and usage rights for different users, enabling better control and communication regarding how assets should be used
  • Communicate your brand’s ‘rulebook’ with Bynder’s Brand Guidelines, embedded direct in the DAM. If you’re expanding in other markets, you can have different guidelines for different audiences
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Fostering flexibility, while ensuring brand control

A central hub for knowledge sharing

As you expand into new markets and grow your team, Bynder functions as a digital network for exchanging expertise and knowledge internally to help keep everyone informed on the latest resources and updates.

  • Create a customizable homepage with your own branding, providing a central point for colleagues to discover the latest campaign assets and/or changes to brand guidelines
  • Key digital assets can be tagged with rich metadata and usage rights, as well as integrated into your brand guidelines, so everyone knows how to find and use branded content correctly
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A central hub for knowledge sharing

Scale content creation without extra resources

As you scale your business, your content output inevitably scales too. Bynder's creative templating enables your team to produce branded assets in high-volume quickly—without straining your creative resources.

  • Whether it’s for print or digital, editable templates allow you to create assets in minutes while sticking to your design principles, freeing your designers for higher-value work
  • Video Brand Studio ensures you can keep up with the demand for video with an integrated solution to create, edit, and localize sets of videos for each market, channel, audience, and format
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Scale content creation without extra resources

Scale-friendly, efficient collaboration in one place

Set a good precedent in how you collaborate both internally and externally with Bynder’s Creative Workflow, so you can deliver consistently and efficiently as you grow.

  • Streamline the creative process: requests, reviews, approvals, and feedback rounds on assets follow a standardized, step-by-step process to ensure clear clarity and responsibility
  • Set up preset project workflows that can be easily copied and duplicated to encourage a more standardized flow in how you collaborate, while reducing manual processes surrounding project management
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Scale-friendly, efficient collaboration in one place

What does it mean to scale a business?

“Scaling” a business and “growing” a business are often used interchangeably, but there are important differences.

A business can grow in terms of size and revenue, but that does not necessarily mean they’ve grown in value, as they often need to equally grow their infrastructure, headcount, and other costs.

On the other hand, scaling is often becoming increasingly important to business executives precisely because it’s about how businesses can grow their revenue profitably and exponentially—without incurring costs that proportionately affect its overall value.

What are some popular methods in helping organizations scale?

There are no hard-and-fast rules for successfully scaling a business given that organizations come in all shapes and sizes, with differences in costs and revenue to match.

However, there are certainly general guidelines you can follow in order to ensure your organization is operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Investing in the right technological infrastructure is a popular method in cutting costs, following the mantra of “doing more with less” by automating key processes and activities which would otherwise require more headcount, and therefore more costs.

But it’s not simply a case of throwing money at the latest trendy technologies; businesses need to be proactive in thinking ahead about how technology can grow with them and therefore adopt a digital transformation strategy that enables them to save time, boost productivity, and ultimately limit the costs typically associated with business growth (Need some guidance for your own digital transformation initiatives? Check out our Definitive Digital Transformation Toolkit.)

One of the main reasons why today’s businesses are investing heavily into their brand image is because high brand equity can drive higher profits to a business because of the strength of its branding, and the resulting perceived value among its consumers. The more consumers trust and respect a brand, the more likely they are to pay more and remain loyal to one business over another. Inevitably, businesses with quality branding accrue higher bottom-line benefits to support their scaling initiatives as a result.

To learn more about boosting brand equity as part of your scaling efforts, check out our guide: Global brand building: How to be more than just a commodity.

How do digital asset management solutions like Bynder help scale an organization?

The increasing sophistication of technology and its powers of automation are enabling organizations to be more efficient and productive than ever before. Marketing is a key business area in which technology can be a huge benefit. As businesses grow, they equally have a growing number of digital assets to help support e-commerce, marketing, and branding initiatives.

Organizations are increasingly investing in digital asset management because they realize the pace of technology and the demands from content-hungry consumers is growing exponentially, and they need an efficient, future-proof solution to manage the growing number of marketing and brand assets as they scale.

Digital asset management solutions like Bynder provide a single solution for storing, organizing, sharing, and generally managing a business’ marketing materials and brand assets, with the end benefit of a more efficient content lifecycle that drives higher value from their marketing efforts. At the same time, DAM solutions like Bynder also include Brand Guidelines functionality that allows organizations to create a “digital home” for their brand identity and guidelines, ensuring everyone knows how to communicate the brand consistently—helping to drive higher brand equity and value that supports long-term scaling strategies.

With DAM as part of an organization’s long-term digital transformation and scaling strategy, employees work more efficiently, saving time and money spent on creating, finding, and distributing assets. It’s the old “do more with less” mantra in full effect, helping businesses to accommodate growing pains without incurring additional costs.

To learn more about the bottom-line benefits of digital asset management and its impact on scaling efficiently, check out the DAM ROI Report.

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