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Bynder’s impact on global businesses

Bynder customers get more use from their marketing assets while improving brand consistency and communications.

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Bynder’s impact on global businesses

See how Bynder customers improve collaboration, efficiency, and brand growth

Consumers demand content like images, videos, and infographics to make informed purchasing decisions. Bynder's Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution centralizes assets in one easy to access location, so internal and external stakeholders can collaborate efficiently and go to market quickly.

We asked 500 clients about the key benefits of using Bynder.

Clients report asset re-use, brand consistency, and compliance as the top three benefits of using Bynder


Increased reuse of existing assets


Increased brand consistency


Reduced risk in asset compliance

The right content delivered, faster

Our clients create, collaborate, and distribute their assets with Bynder to go to market faster than ever before. In addition to the top three benefits realized, we dug deeper to discover the more granular benefits of using Bynder.

86% reported that Bynder improved collaboration within their marketing organization.


85% reported Bynder helped them make their digital asset permissions and copyrights more secure.


81% of clients reported improved overall asset flow, from creation to distribution as an additional benefit of using Bynder.

The ROI of Bynder is seen in the time it saves us, the increased number of assets in circulation, and the improved productivity of our design operations.
Michael Robinson
Creative Director at Nautilus

Ensuring content speed and quality

Bynder’s Brand Guidelines, Creative Workflow, and Studio help turbo‑charge our customers’ asset creation, consistency, and approvals process.

71% saw faster approval processes.


85% can better reinforce their brand identity.


94% of clients create assets faster with Bynder.

Bynder is a good fit for brand-forward companies that want an easy-to-use DAM solution that they can deploy quickly.
The Forrester Wave™
Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q1 2022 - Read full report

Teams can find digital assets 49% faster with Bynder.


Teams increase asset reuse by 42% or more with Bynder.


80% of clients said that being able to build a more consistent brand with Bynder was an added benefit.

Branding consistency helps us create more brand equity across the globe. People recognize our brand — and having the right people, processes and technology in place enable that global brand recognition.
Molly Catalano
VP of Marketing & Communications at Five Guys

Did you know?

These are the different content types clients create, store and organize in Bynder.

89 %

Branding assets (ex. Logos, fonts, guidelines)

76 %

Campaign assets (ex. Banners, briefs, hero images)

75 %

Product assets (ex. Product images, pack shots, sell sheets)

Here's how Bynder supports different client use cases for managing digital assets

Brand assets

Campaign assets

Product assets

Five Guys
Groupe SEB

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About this report

Bynder surveyed over 500 clients to learn more about the impact Bynder has on their business. The survey explored Bynder’s impact on an organization’s asset usage, asset creation, collaboration, brand identity, brand consistency, approval processes, and permissions.

About the clients who participated

Company industry

  • Consumer Brands 15%
  • Food and Beverage 13%
  • Non-Profit 9%
  • Technology 9%
  • Education 6%
  • Fashion and Apparel 6%
  • Manufacturing and Automotive 6%
  • Media and Entertainment 6%
  • Healthcare 5%
  • Agriculture, Chemical, and Energy 4%
  • Construction and Real Estate 4%
  • Finance 4%
  • Agency 3%
  • Hospitality 3%
  • Recreation 3%
  • Consulting 2%
  • Government 2%
  • Transportation 1%

Company size

  • Less than 250 employees 21%
  • Between 250 - 2,500 employees 37%
  • Between 2,500 - 15,000 employees 25%
  • More than 15,000 employees 16%

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