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The Art of Organizing

A quirky blend of creativity and organization

November, 2017

For the love of creativity

To explore the weird and wonderful edges of the human brain, we challenged Bart Eysink Smeets, one of the most creative guys we know, to delve into the art of organizing. The Amsterdam-based artist has given himself 2 weeks to take up the hefty challenge of blending organization and creativity together.

Watch the documentary of Bart’s creative juices flow in all its colorfully organized glory below, creating the extraordinary from some very ordinary objects.

With the help of his four-legged (well, three-legged in Bonkie’s case) friends, Bart attempts to create order from the chaos of his Dutch apartment. From tortilla pyramids to jenga chairs, the artist provides some organized flair to everyday objects. Watch all 7 episodes here!

Red ordered in size Colored rainbow ordered by color Pebbles ordered by size Tomatoes stacked Tortilla chips stacked Apple tower chairs stacked Round ordered on size

Watch the process behind the project

Check out Bart's creatively organized adventure by tuning into the episodes here.

I’m a huge fan of this Amsterdam-based artist who creates fascinating art by organizing everyday objects. In this short documentary, he takes us through his process of creating categorized and beautifully organized items.
Jessica Tudos
Thrive With 5
Behind the Art of Organizing

Bart Eysink Smeets
Visual Artist

Bart is an Amsterdam-based creative artist and former art director, known for his experimental projects including ‘A.A.D.’, ‘30 by 30 cm’, ‘Finding myself in India’ and ‘The rock that went back home’.

Bart always tries to look at things like a child: open, expressive, and wonderfully naive. That way, he sees the extraordinary in the ordinary. And he’s challenging the rest of the world to do the same.

Disclaimer: This video series was prepared by the artist in his personal capacity. The opinions and endorsements expressed in this video series are the artist’s own and do not reflect the views of Bynder.