We recommend Bynder to others because we feel that we are a part of their team.

Wendel Hofman-Schulp
Brand Manager at Aegon
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Aegon is one of the world’s leading life insurance, pensions, and asset management providers. With the help of Bynder’s branding automation solution, Aegon enhanced the worldwide collaboration with internal and external stakeholders while maintaining brand consistency throughout the whole entity.

Aegon, a multinational life insurance, pensions and asset management company, was officially established in 1993 and has operations in over 20 countries—including the United States of America where the organization is known as Transamerica. As the world of finance changes, Aegon invests in startups and supports many micro businesses; reaching out to their customers in a better way.

Previous challenges

Regardless of the product or industry, nowadays the term branding becomes more relevant and complex than ever.

Branding is a magical thing, a lot of people think that it is something tangible like a logo, an event or product. But it isn’t. Branding is at the heart of everything we do. We will start using it even more as a filter to make decisions on what we really deliver to our customers; as part of our promise.
Wendel Hofman-Schulp
Brand Manager at Aegon

Aware of the importance branding plays within a global organization, Aegon has been using different brand asset management systems for 15 years. With the help of those solutions, Aegon was able to provide relevant brand assets to both internal and external stakeholders.

As their previous system ran out of its lifecycle, Wendel and her team were looking for a new tool—a centralized solution that is user-friendly, agile and innovative.

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How Bynder helped

After attending one of the Henry Stewart DAM conferences—events specializing in digital asset management—a project team at Aegon evaluated different DAM suppliers. They eventually chose Bynder, as the software best fitted their needs and provided value for money.

Today, around 28,000 employees of 30 different brands work frequently with the Bynder system at Aegon—including secretaries, brand managers, marketers, traffic managers, as well as printers.

As a Brand Manager at the corporate headquarters of Aegon, Wendel Hofman-Schulp coordinates everything and inspires her team with best practices regarding all things brand related. Thanks to the digital asset management module within their brand portal, Aegon is able to maintain control of all brand-related assets worldwide.

Wendel uses the portal on a daily basis to check for news, which is regularly updated. She also checks new media in the asset library—to keep the system vivid, it is essential that new assets are added regularly. Wendel’s favorite Bynder feature is the cropping functionality within the digital asset management module, as it allows simple on-the-move editing of company assets.

To ensure the brand portal works smoothly and Aegon derives as much benefit as possible, the company has brand sheriffs for each market and a communications department located at their headquarters who are responsible for the brand portal. Aegon also organized workshops and webinars shortly after launching the new system to drive a quick and optimal adoption. Different employees from different departments can now improve collaboration by sharing assets, copyrights, etc. within the brand portal.

Benefits for Aegon

Instead of using several systems, Aegon can now coordinate all 30 brands within one single brand asset management system. As a result, the organization is able to improve global collaboration and communication with different departments worldwide. Best practices can be easily and quickly be shared with the whole organization, inspiring all employees to use the centralized tool and to be aware of brand consistency.

As Bynder is offered as a SaaS solution, Aegon profits from updates and new features that are frequently added to their brand portal.

Working with brand management software has become indispensable for us. We recommend Bynder to others because of the way Bynder works with us. We are part of the team and we get pulled into developments; we can suggest new things, there is a huge list of new features, called roadmap, and together with all the other companies using Bynder we have a dialogue about what’s coming. That is a really good feeling.
Wendel Hofman-Schulp
Brand Manager at Aegon

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