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Air Iceland Connect

The work order section reduces cost and aids quality in our co-operation with our ad agency.
Hildur Óskarsdóttir
Web Manager at Air Iceland Connect
Air Iceland Connect
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increase in brand consistency


reduction in search time


reduce content creation time

Air Iceland Connect, which is a part of Icelandair Group, is a dynamic company with firm roots that go back to the start of aviation in Iceland. Air Iceland Connect is a flexible yet powerful airline servicing domestic flights in Iceland and the North Atlantic countries. The head office of Air Iceland Connect is located in the capital, Reykjavík, but the company's registered domicile is in Akureyri, the main town in north Iceland. Both Reykjavík Airport and Akureyri Airport serve as hubs for Air Iceland Connect's route network.

At Air Iceland Connect our aim is to provide our customers with the best service The staff of Air Iceland Connect range from airline veterans to new recruits to the industry. With this combination Air Iceland Connect hopes to achieve a great breadth of outlook while maintaining the highest levels of service. Air Iceland Connect is a small company of about 240 employees, a dedicated team who are leaders in their field and aim to be so for years to come.


The importance of open and smooth communication between the aviation industry and all stakeholders, including agencies and tour operators, is paramount when fulfilling marketing and branding strategies.

Previously, Air Iceland Connect did not have a centralized tool to manage their digital assets, therefore, stakeholder communication was not working to its full potential. Images were stored across different network drives, making it very difficult to find the correct media. Marketing materials were insecurely shared as attachment via email to tour operators worldwide, and as a result, redundant emails were sent back and forth costing a huge amount of time and resource. Moreover, they were lacking a structured workflow process with their advertising agency, which increased the time-to-market of new marketing materials.

To eliminate these pain points, Air Iceland Connect was looking for a solution that allowed them to improve the management of their digital assets, and to streamline the communication and collaboration both internally and externally.

Bynder is a secure system and helpful resource for keeping all digital assets in one place, online for staff members to use and easily shared outside the company. The work order section reduces cost and aids quality in our co-operation with our ad agency.
Hildur Óskarsdóttir
Web Manager at Air Iceland Connect
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How Bynder helped

Bynder’s cloud-based branding automation solution provides Air Iceland Connect a centralized platform to stay in control of their digital asset management while improving communication and collaboration worldwide. All brand portal users can now access the most up-to-date media by logging into Bynder via their web browser no matter where in the world they are located.

Thanks to Bynder’s collection feature within the Digital Asset Management module, Air Iceland Connect is now able to easily share marketing materials regardless of their file type, size, or category with external stakeholders. By embedding a Bynder collection, such as their route map, on the website, Air Iceland Connect can ensure that all updates made in the collection will be automatically synched on the website too.

Today, Bynder is most commonly used by staff members of sales and marketing, as well as web departments. Hildur Óskarsdóttir added:

Another person who works a lot with Bynder is our Quality and Safety Manager. Images that are taken during audits are for this person’s eyes only.

By defining different user rights and permissions, Air Iceland Connect’s Quality and Safety Manager can ensure that those confidential images are stored securely.

We can truly say that Bynder has been helping us to evolve regarding all communications outside our company in regards to the handling of digital assets.
Hildur Óskarsdóttir
Web Manager at Air Iceland Connect

Benefits for Air Iceland Connect

Air Iceland Connect has totally redefined their collaboration processes. Within a period of three months, the communication with their external ad agency has successfully moved to Bynder, removing ineffective email conversations and freeing more resources. Digital assets can now be easily shared with the smart collection functionality and they now have one centralized user-friendly platform to provide images of staff events and happenings all over the company—thereby improving company culture.

What we also appreciate with Bynder is the good support they offer. Every time we have a question, or need to have something done, Bynder’s support team solves it quickly.
Hildur Óskarsdóttir
Web Manager at Air Iceland Connect