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We love how easy it is to find, adapt and upload images. It’s simple but efficient and it also looks good.

Erwin Evers
Manager Marketing & Research at Amvesta
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increase in operational efficiency


network support


better control of asset usage

Amvest is a leading fund manager and developer of homes and residential areas in the Netherlands. This combination of activities across the entire value chain ensures higher quality and therefore a higher return from property assets in its funds, as well as specialized knowledge of the Dutch housing market in every area of the organization.


Previously Amvest struggled with several challenges regarding the organization and management of their digital assets. As an investor and developer of houses in the Netherlands, the use of imagery, such as pictures and videos of houses and areas, is essential to their business.

With their recent tool, it was difficult to locate the needed digital assets. This became even more problematic as Amvest image library increased. Another challenge was the sharing of digital assets.

These challenges were costly and cost the company a huge amount of time. To work more efficiently and eliminate these pain points, Erwin Evers and his team were looking for a new and user-friendly solution.

Often the documents are too big to send via email, so we used a USB stick or similar file sharing tools.
Erwin Evers
Manager Marketing & Research at Amvest
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How Bynder helped

With the help of Bynder’s Digital Asset Management module, Amvest is now able to manage all valuable digital assets efficiently. All images and videos are stored safely in their centralized digital asset bank. The fund manager and developer of homes can find, share and keep images up to date much easier, which allows for them to profile themselves quicker.

Time that was lost in the search and finding of assets can now be spent on more important tasks. Several departments such as commercial, secretary and corporate communication are using the brand portal. Different profiles and user rights allow Amvest to keep an overview on who is using which asset.

It’s very important to us that the tool is easy to use. When the system is too complicated, no one will use it. Bynder scores really good at that point.
Erwin Evers
Manager Marketing & Research at Amvest

Benefits for Amvest

Thanks to Amvest’s new brand portal, the entire organization was able to improve both efficiency and exchange knowledge. As a result, Amvest saves time, effort and money.

I would definitely recommend Bynder. It’s an easy-to-use system and Bynder’s employees are knowledgeable and always willing to help.
Erwin Evers
Manager Marketing & Research at Amvest