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Knight Frank

How Knight Frank calculates marketing spend, tracks content requests, and makes business decisions using Bynder’s Creative Workflow

Knight Frank
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Knight Frank is a global based property group headquartered in London. Founded in 1896, they now have more than 500 offices across 60 territories and more than 19,000 people. Their mission is to build long-term customer relationships and provide personalized, expert advice on every area of property in all key markets, both locally and globally.

With many decades of assets to manage and inefficient internal database systems, Knight Frank’s teams were finding it increasingly frustrating and time-consuming to locate the content they needed. In addition, once an asset was located, it was never clear if it was up to date or correct for internal and external use cases.

Knight Frank x Bynder: Highlights

Global real estate consultants Knight Frank were finding it challenging to manage the storage and organization of decades of digital assets. It was even more challenging for their teams to locate the files they needed at any given time, let alone have oversight around all the marketing requests and workflows taking place.

Without an efficient, easily searchable asset database and request system, teams were dealing with time-consuming daily email threads requesting content. This was compounded by the uncertainty of whether those files were the most recent, and whether they were approved for specific use cases.

Knight Frank needed to find a way to free their creative and marketing teams from constant requests for content. With Bynder, they were able to create, store, and manage their best and most valuable assets on one centralized platform as well as improve their creative request process.

Bynder has helped Knight Frank’s employees and stakeholders save time and improve performance. Knight Frank uses Bynder’s Creative Workflow to request content and track the time, cost, and complexity of projects. This has given them clarity on marketing spend for reporting, helped speed up time to content, and given them the data they need to make business decisions.

Creative Workflow informs a lot of decisions, whether it is to bring a new designer in when demand is high or simply to have a rolling view of team workload.
Bertie Milligan-Manby
Business Change and Operations Analyst


Knight Franks Marketing Department is structured like an agency within the firm. With a content user base of 468 people made up of both internal and external stakeholders, designers, marketers, and support teams, they needed a smart digital asset management solution to replace their outdated internal file-sharing system.

A centralized system was needed to help Knight Frank save time by eliminating constant email requests for assets across their organization. They were also looking for a way to streamline workflows and empower content creators and marketers to make decisions and move faster.

Challenges + previous system

Knight Frank was using an internal file system based in the cloud to store their digital assets. With 125 years of history (and content), it was difficult to always find the right file without a centralized DAM system.

In addition, they were also experiencing the loss of newly created assets due to variations and revisions of files across their organization.

The increasing challenges they were experiencing included:

  • A significant volume of emails across the company from people requesting new content development
  • Internal teams using incorrect assets
  • Document loss
  • Stakeholders being unsure if brand assets were approved for internal and external use
  • Limited insights into the time and budget spend on projects
  • Amends to documents being sent across email
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Knight Frank was looking for a way to easily manage content creation requests across its various teams.

Bynder gave their creators and marketers the ability to request, store and locate the assets needed for internal and external teams to move swiftly and get to market faster.

The Creative Workflow module has helped Knight Frank improve team performance and gain additional insight into marketing spend, workloads, and resource management.

Increased oversight into requests

Having all brand assets and guidelines in one place and Knight Frank’s teams no longer have to deal with lengthy, time-intensive email threads to request the content they need. Instead, they use one of several request briefs in the Bynder Creative Workflow module. From there, managers can see how many requests are in the queue and which teams may need additional resources to meet the demand for content.

Deeper insights

By creating specific briefs for each team, Knight Frank can now track workflows and progress more accurately, giving them clear insights into individual workloads and project progress. This has given them deeper insights into the time and budget spend per project for seamless reporting to the C-level.

Sharing best practices across markets for continued expansion

Knight Frank is looking to use the data they gather from their Bynder portal to increase their marketing ability and improve their efficiencies.

Their long term aim is to expand access to their DAM and Creative Workflow system to external global marketing teams that can provide strong business use cases, including diverse territories such as the Middle East and Australia.

The Knight Frank business spans 60 different territories and there are already requests from these teams to make use of the (Bynder) system. By leveraging Bynder globally, it’ll allow us to fully streamline operations with our many external teams.
Bertie Milligan-Manby
Business Change and Operations Analyst