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Taking lux to the limit—Bynder helps Moda Operandi become the runway-to-doorway fashion industry leader

Moda Operandi
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Moda Operandi is a luxury online shopping experience for an affluent clientele who like to stay on the cutting edge of fashion. Moda Operandi is the only online retailer to invite clients to pre-order next season’s looks straight from the runway. They also have an expertly curated in-season boutique of fashions available for immediate purchase.

Featuring a highly editorialized look and feel, the site comes to life in aspirational and editorial imagery, and evocative language, showcasing everything from premier fashion houses to emerging vanguard labels. Their offerings also include ready-to-wear fashions, luxurious leather goods, bags, accessories, museum-worthy fine jewelry, exclusive home goods, and bridal services.

Speed to market gives Moda Operandi the cutting edge, cementing our brand as the go-to site for what’s next in fashion.
Kimberly Jauss
Senior Editorial Retoucher/DAM Admin at Moda Operandi

The critical need for Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi’s unique pre-order business model places a high priority on getting imagery onto their site well ahead of actual product availability. These photo assets are the only things they have to sell the sizzle and make a sale, so quality, creativity, and editorial flair are essential but also time-consuming to create. With an ever-increasing thirst from fashionistas for the latest looks, the pace of work is constantly high, as are the demands on a best in class workflow solution for scaling the business.

Scaling for growth
The New York City-based company is growing at a furious rate, having recently expanded into the lucrative menswear category and in 2019 will start operating in Asia, home to 32% of the worldwide luxury goods market. With their rapid expansion, Moda Operandi needed a digital asset management and workflow system that could handle their rapid worldwide growth and flex to meet their ever-increasing product photo library.

Bynder has helped take the stress of managing assets off our backs, giving us more time to make our photos more creative, more editorial, and more representative of our luxury mission and brand.
Kimberly Jauss
Senior Editorial Retoucher/DAM Admin at Moda Operandi

DAM before Bynder

First to market, first to the sale
Moda Operandi has a business model that is based on speed and being first to market. Providing their customers an exclusive link to preorder the latest fashions right after they hit the runway means they are dealing with vast amounts of images (typically 1000 per day) that need to be processed and uploaded to their image library at lightning speed.

Until implementing Bynder Webdam and Creative Workflow, Moda didn’t have an efficient process for uploading photos from shoots, making selects, assigning tasks to art directors and retouchers, and placing final images on their website so that shoppers could purchase the looks. Accessing, automating and including the important information (like deadlines, brands, seasons, sizes, available dates) was not streamlined, which caused bottlenecks in moving a job forward and added lag time for fashions to get in front of their customers, meaning slow internal workflow processes were having a direct impact on revenue.

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Creative Workflow has become our email eliminator.
Kimberly Jauss
Senior Editorial Retoucher/DAM Admin at Moda Operandi

Pre-Bynder problems that needed solving

Moda Operandi had looked into many services to solve their two main problems: Accessibility of content globally and simplification of creative approvals and requests.

Self-service, global access
Moda Operandi wanted to move their assets off internal servers and into the cloud so they wouldn’t have to worry about their office-based storage system crashing, and so employees could easily access, upload and download files anywhere in the world.

Fewer emails, more accountability
They also wanted to simplify job requests, workflow, and approvals — moving the process away from emails and into a project management system that everyone had access to and could be tracked, from initial request through the upload of finalized assets.

Creative Workflow has given us time back in our days that we can spend making our site more editorial, more inventive, and more shoppable—which helps us stay true to our mission of creating a luxury shopping experience for our customers.
Kimberly Jauss
Senior Editorial Retoucher/DAM Admin at Moda Operandi

The transformation with Bynder

After researching solutions that were good at only one of their problems, they landed on a combination of Creative Workflow to simplify project management, and Bynder Webdam for a robust cloud-based digital asset management platform to store, organize, and distribute their assets. This powerful and integrated two-pronged system helped alleviate the majority of their pain points, including moving images through their system and onto their site more quickly and eliminating server crashing and access issues.

Creating more time for creativity and sales
Ultimately utilizing these new tools gave Moda Operandi more time to create shots that show their clothes in a more luxurious and editorial way—helping them express their mission of offering a luxury shopping experience to their customers. It’s this visual experience that drives their customers’ purchase decisions and therefore means every shot they place on their site really counts when it comes to generating revenue.

Realizing dreams outside of work
And finally, moving their whole project management and digital asset management workflows to a cloud-based system that did not rely on being tethered to servers the New York office meant that the person responsible for setting up and managing their new portal could make her dream of moving to Hawaii and continue working for Moda Operandi, come true.

Moda Operandi is at the fast-moving, ever-changing crossroads of fashion, technology, and commerce. Managing the flood of assets and job requests we get on a daily basis takes tools that can flex, scale, and adapt to the inevitable “what’s next?” With Bynder as our global hub for global digital photo assets and Creative Workflow for daily job requests, Moda Operandi can now create more captivating imagery that drives sales and positions us as the leader in the runway-to-doorway fashion category.
Kimberly Jauss
Senior Editorial Retoucher/DAM Admin at Moda Operandi