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Nationalmuseum Sweden

Always having the images we need at our fingertips in a user-friendly portal has made it so much easier to connect and share our artworks with both partners and the public.
Rikard Nordstrom
Picture Officer of Archives & Library at Nationalmuseum
Nationalmuseum Sweden




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Nationalmuseum is a government authority and Sweden’s premiere museum of art and design. Home to exclusive art collections from the Renaissance up until the present day, their primary mission is to preserve cultural heritage and promote the interest and knowledge of art.

With collections ranging from Renaissance paintings and sculptures to modern day applied arts and design, their central mandate is to research, preserve, make accessible, and help build knowledge.

Going beyond simple exhibition, their activities are intended to inspire new perspectives on social development and play an active role in contemporary society.

The critical need for Nationalmuseum

"There was a growing need for a faster way to find images in the right size and format to meet the demands of media and press agencies. Using our museum’s Image Services Unit, high-res assets were often bottlenecked as a result of being stored in folders and on servers that weren’t accessible for everyone."

With exhibitions and collections changing thick and fast, their previous on-site server was simply inefficient and a real frustration to use by both staff and external parties. Clearly a dose of modernity was needed to speed up the storing, finding, and sharing of assets.

Before using Bynder, we stored our images in a folder-structure on an external server which needed to be backed up continuously—an expensive and time-consuming process which caused major bottlenecks to our workflow.
Rikard Nordstrom
Picture Officer of Archives & Library at Nationalmuseum

Pre-Bynder problems

By using an external server to manage their content, too much time was wasted having to back up images, apply metadata consistently, and keep it organized.

Not only that, but it was simply impossible to get anytime, anywhere access to images as and when people needed it. So where exactly did the problems lie?

Nationalmuseum image 2 Nationalmuseum image 2

The transformation with Bynder

Anytime, anywhere access: As Bynder is cloud-based, Nationalmuseum isn’t restricted to an on-site storage server. All staff and external partners can find what they need, when they need it. Bynder’s built-in image-editing tool and version controls also made it easier for their designers to distribute images in the right size and format, and faster than ever.

Connected & consistent: Nationalmuseum now has consistent and automatically updated metadata for all images by connecting the Bynder DAM API with their artworks database (Collections Management System). This means everything is accurate, approved, and in one central location.

Fuss-free sharing: By using Bynder’s Collections feature, sharing groups of assets internally and externally is simple, and especially useful when distributing files for upcoming events, projects, and exhibitions. As it’s cloud-based, any changes or edits to Collections are updated in real-time for crystal-clear collaboration.

We have more than 194,000 assets stored in Bynder that are accessible to our staff by simply logging in to the portal—no VPN or server folders needed. Now everyone can easily download up- to-date images in their desired format for the channel they need it for.
Rikard Nordstrom
Picture Officer of Archives & Library at Nationalmuseum

How Bynder helped Nationalmuseum achieve their three-pillared mandate

To preserve
No more forgotten folders and misplaced artwork; having all their assets in one place and in the Cloud means Nationalmuseum have the peace of mind that nothing gets lost, everything is up-to-date, and no back-ups are needed.

To make accessible
Having one centralized source for all assets means thousands of images which had never been available to staff before are now available in an instant, and in the format/size they need.

To conduct research and help build knowledge
Building knowledge for Nationalmuseum is all about delivering an engaging experience to the public with the artwork they exhibit—both online and offline.

We now have consistent, accurate, and readily available images and assets thanks to Bynder. This has helped us to really deliver on our core mission to preserve cultural heritage and promote the interest and knowledge of art.
Rikard Nordstrom
Picture Officer of Archives & Library at Nationalmuseum