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As the portal is well organized and user friendly we believe that we can reach our goals without spending time on all requests.

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lead to their publication worldwide


reduction of search time


increase in brand consistency

Dutch brand, StoryTiles, creates unique tiles that are miniature pieces of art based on the traditional Dutch Whites. With her humorous and detailed collages, visual artist, Marga van Oers, brings all tiles to life. All tiles are manufactured traditionally and, for StoryWood, only sustainable wood is used. “Tile your Home & Share your Story!”


Founded in spring 2013, StoryTiles became popular over a short period of time. The Dutch brand, run by visual artist, Marga van Oers, and the Managing Director, received a huge amount of press and marketing requests. Due to the unstructured management of their digital assets, it was challenging and time-consuming to handle all these requests. There was no solution to effectively categorize digital media, such as high-resolution pictures of products, files and logos.

In order to solve these pain points, StoryTiles was looking for a new solution – one that enables them to improve the management and organization of their digital media so that they can manage press and marketing requests.

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How Bynder helped

Using their Digital Asset Management module, the design company is now able to structure all their digital assets clearly, enabling press from all over the world to find relevant images or files in their brand portal easily. As a result, StoryTiles can reach their promotional goals without having to spend too much time on requests.

We would recommend Bynder to everyone! From smaller to bigger companies. […] It has helped us reach a greater service level for both clients and press.

Benefits for StoryTiles

Thanks to Bynder’s branding automation solution, StoryTiles now has a simple and user-friendly software to manage, organize and share their digital assets and files efficiently. The Managing Director believes that Bynder led to 75% of their publications worldwide – more than they originally expected.

As the portal is well organized and user friendly we believe that we can reach our goals without spending time on all requests. Now we have everything organized and press from all over the world can find whatever they need on our Bynder portal.