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Henry Stewart DAM Europe 2016

28 - 29 June 2016

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Henry Stewart DAM Europe 2016

About the event (from the Henry Stewart DAM Europe 2016 event page)

Another eventful year has drawn to a close, and we look ahead to what is bound to be an even more active year. We stand at a 'breakout moment'. We know it is clear that few parts of the business world will be unaffected by the power DAM delivers. The work flows we solve, the business opportunities we create, the technology we empower and enhance are pervasive. 'Content' and 'delivery channels' rule the roost.

Video, rich media customer services, dynamic linked metadata, the ability to record just about everything and the growth of 'social media' all demand more and better DAM systems.

Our events in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London; and our sponsored webinars throughout 2015 were all well attended as was our series of on-line lectures. In addition the Journals 'brand strategy', 'digital media management' and 'digital and social media marketing', which serve all the members of our community, all thrived. We thank you as the members of this growing community - a community growing in both numbers and influence, and look forward to your involvement in our activities in 2016.

We value you and your contributions. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the DAM community is that as a group, we are determined anti-silo - we are collaborative by the nature of our professional interests. We reach out to all the other branches of our businesses and institutions.