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Increase efficiency by streamlining the creative process

Creative teams are under pressure to churn out more content, faster. Creative workflow streamlines requests, reviews, and approvals for better creative and faster results.

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Concept becomes content, faster

Creative processes that drive collaboration

Centralize, organize, and optimize the communication between all stakeholders and make sure the latest productions are synced in your asset library.

Concept becomes content, faster Creative workflow

Standardized requests

Never be confused about a project’s purpose, deadline, or stakeholders again by enabling users to make requests and fill in the creative brief information needed to move forward.

Configurable workflows

Easily define your creative and collaborative processes and enable account users to make new requests with predefined tasks, responsible parties and processes.

Internal and external collaboration

Group projects and make them visible to colleagues and any relevant third parties, such as agencies and consultants, with defined permission profiles.

Easily proof and approve designs and content online

Without needing to download a file, you can leave annotations on the asset preview and approve or reject files. Send it back for improvements or store it in your asset library once approved.

Creative workflow

Comments and annotations

Provide clear feedback and collaborate effectively during the review process by leaving comments and notifying team members at each stage.

Version control and comparison

Avoid confusion about multiple drafts floating around and have a clear overview in Bynder. New version uploads can be easily reviewed and compared side by side.

Easy approvals

Make sure all the right people review and approve before closing out the project. Set a responsible person or group to ensure every box is checked.

Bynder has helped us streamline our workflow process enabling us to be far more efficient and increase our productivity.
Phil Devine, Senior Creative at boohoo

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