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Developed by EMRAYS

With EMRAYS, you effortlessly add powerful AI capabilities on top of Bynder and provide the ability to organize them with ease and increase the findability.

Whether you are a marketer or content creator, EMRAYS AI will bring searching for and determining the right images to a whole new level. Now you can spend more time creating content and less time finding images that work for you. With EMRAYS you can find images that do not have any metadata attached - simply type in what you are looking for!

As a Bynder administrator, you have great control over finding real duplicates or close matches as well as discovering similar assets and show them this way within the Bynder platform. Lacking the time to add meaningful metadata to your images? EMRAYS AI can identify a visual taxonomy for you without the need of manually added metadata.


  • Powerful search tools to gain real value from all your visual assets - no metadata required to find images
  • Have great control over images by finding real duplicates or close matches
  • Organize a large number of images with ease
  • Blazing fast performance and easy setup


  • Search images without the need for any metadata
  • Search by Image to define similar images
  • Search by Context using multiple target images to define a search
  • Impact Ranking to rank by, e.g., Positivity, Love, Amazement, Sadness and more
  • Advanced AI Image Duplicate Finder to find 100% duplicates and close matches
  • Cluster images by context to take a new visual approach to taxonomy
  • Full integration with Bynder functionality


  • AI