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Learn the basics and find the answers to commonly asked questions.

  • I only have 10GB of storage, but your website told me I could get 100GB for free. Is that true?
    Yes, that is true! All accounts automatically have access to 10GB of storage, but you can increase your storage limit to 100GB by inviting other users. This will then be applied to your Free Forever account for as long as it’s active. After creating an account, you will be informed when additional storage is added.
  • How do I invite my colleagues?
    Once your portal has been set up, you will be able to invite other users. To do this, simply go to Settings in the main page sidebar, click on Users & Rights in the dropdown, and select the Invite Users button in the upper-right corner. If you would like to learn a bit more about the steps involved in inviting users, you can do so here.
  • I tried resetting my password, but I haven’t received an email. What should I do?
    In most cases, this happens if your account hasn’t been confirmed. If you have set up your account and you’re the account owner, make sure you have verified your account via the ‘Welcome to Bynder Orbit’ email. Once this is done and your account is verified, you’ll be able to configure your profile and reset your password. If you’re still struggling to access your account, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Can Bynder Orbit be used with the Bynder app?
    The Bynder app is not currently available for Orbit users, but we’re working on it!
  • I uploaded files, but I can’t see them in my portal. Where are they?
    If you have uploaded files and they are nowhere to be seen, refreshing the page should do the trick. If this doesn’t work, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.
  • How are channels generated?
    Channels are automatically generated to provide you with updates on recent files that have been uploaded into your Orbit account. Currently, your account will display recently added files and Design files. These are identified by the file type and extension (.ai, .psd and .sketch).
  • Can I upload multiple files in one go?
    Not a problem! Whether you are adding 1 file or 100, we have made it easy for you to upload your assets all at once. Learn more about uploading your files here.
  • How about sharing multiple files?
    Sharing groups of files with Orbit is quick and secure, and our Collections feature does just that. Find out how to create and manage collections here.
  • What file formats can I store in Orbit?
    Bynder Orbit supports all common media file formats—including images and documents. A thumbnail preview is also automatically generated for you during upload.
  • Will file information be uploaded and associated with all creative files? *Coming Soon
    Yes. Bynder Orbit automatically extracts all metadata, keywords and relevant information during the upload process; including location, author, camera type, and date, for example. This information is then stored and made viewable in the file overview.
  • How much storage do I have?
    If you created the account, then you'll automatically have access to 10GB file storage. And for every new user you invite to your portal, you will get an extra 10GB, with a max limit of 100GB. So if you invite 9 other users and they join Orbit, then you'll get a hefty 100GB of storage for you and your team. If you still need more than that, you can always upgrade to Orbit Plus and receive a whopping 2TB of storage! See
  • What are the upload limits?
    There are currently no upload limits, but in every free account there’s a limit of 10GB traffic.
  • How can I make sure that my portal isn't polluted with files that I don't want in there?
    There are a number of ways to control how files are stored and used in your Orbit portal. Firstly, you can choose whether or not a user has the right to upload files to the portal, as well as configure other permissions for each individual user. Secondly, you can use the file status and versioning features to manage the approval process of files, ensuring your portal only contains approved and up-to-date files. Lastly, the Orbit portal comes with several default files to help you get started—feel free to delete these if you wish!
  • Where can I check how much storage I used?
    A storage overview feature will be introduced soon in Bynder Orbit. See
  • Bynder Orbit has unlimited users, but what counts as a user?
    A user is a trusted colleague or supplier whom you have named as a user and granted more than just reading rights. These users have access to your Orbit environment to not only view files within a collection, for example, but also have their own user profile and can upload files. Read this article to find out more about setting up user accounts:
  • Can I customize the portal's look & feel to make it more like my company's?
    You bet! You can add your logo, edit background colors, and customize the welcome image on your login page to create a more familiar Orbit experience. See
  • In what languages is Bynder Orbit available?
    Currently, Bynder Orbit is only available in English.
  • Can I edit the information of multiple files at a time?
    Yes. Whether you want to change the name, description, or add and remove tags, it's all possible, and easy, in Orbit. See
  • Can I edit or adapt images once they're in the portal? *Coming Soon
    Of course! Our simple image and video manipulation tools support easy cropping, rotating, and clipping, so you can download and use the new file version right away.
  • How can i make sure I'm using the right version?
    With Orbit's version history, you can ensure only the right files are available for use.
  • What is the available capacity for sharing?
    For every account, there’s a monthly limit of 10GB traffic. If you'd rather share without the limits, then it may be a good idea to upgrade to Orbit Plus for unlimited traffic. See:
  • Do I have an account, or am I a user in an account?
    An account belongs to a team or an organization. You and your colleagues have your own user profiles as a part of that team or organization’s account.
  • Who owns the account?
    The person who created the account is the account owner. They have control over permissions and will eventually have billing access. All others are added as contributors. See
  • What is my current account type?
    If you created the account, then you are the account Owner. If you were invited by someone, then you are a Contributor in the account. See
  • Is this my personal account or for my Team?
    You can use your account on your own or with your team, to make it more effective. To collaborate in one account with your colleagues, invite them to join your portal. See
  • If someone leaves my company, can I block their access?
    Yes. You can deactivate their account so that they can no longer log in. See
  • What if I accidentally delete something?
    At the moment, there is no feature to restore deleted files.
  • How do I change the company name linked to my Orbit account?
    If you go to the settings menu and into account details, there is the option to edit the account name of your portal. See
  • How do I delete my account?
    At the moment, you cannot delete your account. In the future, only Owners will be able to deactivate the account.
  • How can I make sure nobody deletes the company account?
    Users cannot delete company accounts. In the future, only owners will be able to deactivate the account.
  • How do I know Orbit is secure?
    The protection of your data will always be a top priority—Bynder Orbit is upheld by strict policies that govern how all user data is handled. As a result, all hosting and storage policies are 100% aligned with the EU data protection laws. We're fully HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified, so you can rest assured that your files are always safe and secure. What's more, our online storage partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) is renowned for its state-of-the-art security measures and guarantees 99.999999999% durability for their object storage. Regarding your payment information, Bynder is finalizing security standards set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) v3.1. This standard is designed to protect information relating to people's payment details used on online platforms. See:
  • Does Bynder Orbit backup my files?
    All media added to Bynder is backed up in three different ways every day. In the case of catastrophic system-wide failures, we can perform a backup restore within one business day.
  • Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?
    You can find these here.
  • What are concurrent users?
    Concurrent users are multiple users accessing Bynder Orbit at the same time. Orbit allows for unlimited concurrent users.
  • What is the difference between unlimited users and concurrent users?
    With the Bynder Orbit Free Forever account, you can invite unlimited users to your portal. However, in this plan, only one user can log into an account at a time. In the Orbit Plus plan, you can have unlimited concurrent users, meaning multiple users can log in at the same time.